Indeed it is a Keepall (45) and Billfold! I love them already. I'll post some better pics tomorrow, and possibly one to show off the suit+shirt. ,

I've been waiting for a thread like this, here's just something small I got on a vacation last year.


Great presents! Congratulations


I think it is cute, but very concerned about wear on SLGs.

,1 - Totally2 - StresaGood luck choosing! ,

Congratulations on your purchases and welcome to tpf. I love the red insert but I'm not too crazy about the vachetta luggage tag. I have the 35 Ebene and I put a red luggage tag with mine. Here's my post: My first reveal***With a little additionJust an idea, hope you like lv bag

,Mandarin Jasmine then. You can buy the Hampstead next time; I believe it's in the permanent collection? ,

That is a hard one. I like the idea or 2 bags instead of one lol. My favorite of the 3 is the Artsy. I love the look of it. The speedy 30 isnt a bag to have when trying to deal with a small kid. When I have my kids with me I carry my galleria. I do have to say a 35 is easier instead of a 30 to get in and out of when you are dealing with kids.


I love the Totally! ルイヴィトン ハンドバッグ


Congrats. I am salivating over your photos. That black MC in particular looks so rich, yum! LV


I would get the artsy mm or possibly consider the delightful mm? I just think the delightful pm is too small and I don't like the plate on the galleria.. I just like bigger bags!! LV

Mono Pap 30-I would like to sell or give it away but my hubby would have a fit. He purchased this bag for me nine years ago so I have to keep it. lv bags
,Congrats! louis vuitton bags,Okay, I am new and lame (hee hee hee) but becoming as obsessed as the rest of you!!speedy mono 30pochette accessories(and about to get my PTI)!!!!! lv bag,

LV bag charms are not worth the all...I'd rather put that $500 towards a new bag. louis vuitton shop

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