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I'm not good at guessing lv bags,

brea! louis vuitton bag


i'm going on a trip soon and after much debate of getting a new bag, i have decided to save the money and just use my palermo pm. after trying it on cross body style, it hits kinda awkward on my body right under my lowest rib. I want to have it hit about hip length. i measured the strap and it was 29 inches, does LV sell a strap that is the exact same as the palermo one just a bit longer? louis vuitton handbags

,COngrats on your new bag! louis vuitton shop,

Great haul~!! COngrats on everything~!! louis vuitton


Congrats! LV


yes! I know some consider it entry level, but nf just may be my favorite bag that lv ever made=D it's very practical, i use it almost everyday for school. louis vuitton shop

I bought my 13 year old daughter a black MC pochette for Xmas and she loves it. She takes very good care of it ( she learned that from me) and appreciates the fact that it is expensive and not easy to come by. I wouldn't have gotten it for her if she thought she was entitled to it or acted spoiled. I got it for her because she loves my things and understands that she needs to care for and cherish hers. Very personal choice depending on the Mom and her daughter... rolex watch