WK6102 UWB AV Docking Station

This UWB AV Docking Station enables you expand your HDMI® output without cable clutter. No longer limited by the cable length, you can play the High-Definition 720p video on TV at anyway you like. When watching on-line movie, play DVD or Gaming, with this all in one wire-free entertainment system, you will be more freedom to broadcast and less interruption.

You can have greater flexibility and options when integrate home theatre environments that your are imaging, but away from computer up to 10 meters (Max). This UWB AV Docking Station uses the technology of Ultra-Wide /band, and compatible with Windows® XP SP2, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 operation system.

DU2600 Client Dock

Client Dock enables you to connect directly to the server as a cloud client station with USB cable, which can connect up to 12M distance. With this client dock, you can just simply using a monitor, keyboard and mouse to work as a computer system without any extra device require.
Moreover, Client Dock can support connect up to 6 or 10 (Due to driver version) display screens which is an extremely cost effective application for the IT equipment investment.

AE6210A3 Gigabit Ethernet to DVI Adapter

The Gigabit Ethernet to DVI Adapter enables you easily to connect monitor and projector from a computer. You may perform a high quality presentation and DVD video by the high throughput of Gigabit Ethernet and have the content of your PC get access remotely. The display station can be up 100 meters away from your computer with CAT6 cable. You can connect to 6 different display screens with this adapter as digital signage application.