The Best way for PC to TV
  Good Way WUSB HDMI Dock enables you expand your HDMI output but without cable clutter. No longer limited by the cable length, your can play the High-definition 720p video on TV at anyway you like. When watching on-line movie, play DVD or Gaming, with this all in one wire-free entertainment system, you will be more freedom to broadcast and less interruption.
You can have greater flexibility and options when integrate home theatre environments that you’re imaging, but away form computer up to 10 meters (Max.). This Wireless WUSB HDMI Dock uses the technology of Ultra -Wide Band, and compatible with Windows® XP SP2, Vista™ and Windows® 7 operation system.
  • Wireless connection from your laptop to your High-Definition large LCD TV without any cable clutter.
  • Wireless connection gives you the freedom to work in comfort anywhere you want within the 10 meters (Max.) range of the docking station.
  • HDMI HD Support – Through one HDMI port to play 720p High-definition video and digital surround sound on large LCD TV.
  • Multimedia Sharing from Internet - Can play Youtube film on the LCD TV directly Through Good Way Wireless USB HDMI Dock.
  • Watch website on LCD TV – Through the Wireless USB HDMI Dock can view website on large LCD TV.
  • Space-saving upright slim design reduces cable clutter on your living room space.
  • Easy installation software; includes all video and audio drivers.
  • WiMedia Alliance latest wireless audio/video transmission technology to use.