Our promise to the environment

Environmental protection is one of the responsibilities that Good Way upholds. We are IOS14001 certified, and our products have passed RoHS compliance. We practice green marketing and keep our manufacturing and managing processes environmentally friendly. While our goal is to develop and manufacture all-green, energy saving products, we also aim to raise the awareness of our employees on the concept of environmental protection by hosting various seminars and eco-friendly events.

What we have done:

  • Change all the light bulbs to LED’s for energy saving
  • Trash recycling
  • Provide every employee a pair of “My Chopstick”, encourage them to use the reusable utensils for lunch
  • Trip to Eco Park in Neihu to experience the actual process of recycling


Vegetarian Wednesday

In order to reduce carbon emission, Good Way has started Vegetarian Wednesday since 2012. Every Wednesday, Good Way provides free vegetarian lunch to all employees. This is our way to fight global warming and reduce the burden of Earth!


Farm Adoption

Good Way co-worked with PayEasy to do a seasonal adoption of a rice farm in Yilan. The farmer do not use organic pesticide to reduce harm for the soil. However, because the cost for organic farming is higher, PayEasy and other enterprises started to integrate and support the farmers. Good Way is very happy to join the team and help. Once harvested, CEO, Robert Tsao, invited employees and their families to reap and experience the hard work of farmers. Before the break of Mid-Autumn Festival began, each employee received a box of packaged rice of the adopted farm. The same gift was also delivered to our vendors and local customers. The texture of the rice specie, Number 71, is very unique and delicious. Very popular among our employees!