CSR Activities

2015 / 9 / 3

Second-hand Goods Re-born in Shihlei Elementary School!

On September, 2015, the second-hand goods donated by the employees of Good Way were safely delivered to Shihlei Elementary School in Hsinchu County. It was after the long drive of 2.5 hours that we started to understand what caused the school to be so isolated. The distance and location of the school slowed down the delivery of water, electricity, and medical supplies. Moreover, it caused the inconvenience to the development of education and the gap between the city and the suburban. However, all the efforts and time consumed were worth it after we saw the smiles of the children. We have received 12 boxes of donated goods, including clothes, backpacks, and eating utensils. With the donated goods from our colleague, we hope to provide a little help to the kids in Shihlei Elementary School. Mr. Chong, the principal of Shihlei enthusiastically showed up around the campus and explained the current situation and the futures of the school. Being the smallest school in Taiwan, Shihlei is currently consisted of 32 students. The According to Principal Chong, there will be 6 more students coming to school this year! On our way back to Taipei, our hearts were filled with joy and warmth brought by the children from Shihlei. We wish them could grow healthily and happily and also always with a smile like the one we saw today!

There is with a big percentage of students from the Atayal Tribe in Shihlei Elementary School.

3:20 in the afternoon, school is over. Everyone gathered before going home.


It is Shihlei’s secretive Birthday Celebration Day! Principal Chong prepared two cakes. One of the birthday kids, and one of the others.