CSR Activities

2015 / 10 / 24

A Day to the theater for a Young Audience

On October 24, 2015, Good Way Technology invited 100 children with hearing impairment and their families to watch a musical, “The songs of the homeless dogs II-Do you know I’m waiting for you?”, a new theatrical piece by the Ifkids Theater.

Having learned from the Children Charity Association that many children with hearing impairment do not have a chance to visit the theater due to the financial status of the families or the physical disabilities, the chairman of Good Way, Robert Tsao, sponsored to purchase 100 tickets of the musical for the children and their families.

With the flow of the story and the upbeat tunes of the performance, the young audience interacted excitedly with the actors and actresses on stage. Sometimes quiet, sometimes excited, the children learned to love their pets and not to abandon them. If the pet dogs are sick, the little owners should be there for them and treat them with patience and kindness. Dogs are human’s most loyal friends!

The meaningful musical by Ifkids Theater was very educational. It was truly a great material for children to grasp the complicated things about life in a simple and interesting way. A recommended activity for families!