CSR Activities

2016 / 2 / 3

Volunteer Activity –Deliveries to Elderly Living Alone

On February 3, 2016, the employees from Good Way Technology gathered at the Xindian Branch of Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, preparing packages of food and daily supplies for elders who are living alone to get through the Chinese Year. Since it is the first time for the Good Way employees to volunteer in this project, all of them concentrated to the explanation of Huashan’s volunteer.

There were 9 employees participated, departing for 3 routes, ready to distribute the supplies for the elders. Good Way employees put on volunteer vests prepared by Huashan in order to be more recognizable for the elders. 


Despite that Xindian is considered a prosperous district, the volunteers encountered many narrow and dark alleys when visiting the elders. The volunteers were nervous because it was their first time, but at the same time,
they became worried for the elders to also walk the same path. If it was difficult for the volunteers to walk on slippery roads with fungi, wouldn’t it even more difficult for the elders? A lot of seniors are around their 80’s and 90’s. Living alone without anyone accompanying them might lead them to wonder the meaning of life. Hearing this saddened us the volunteers. But we know we have to encourage the elders to be optimistic, braving them to face life.
There was one elder, whose room was so small that it could only fit for one bed. He even had to put the rice cooker on the bed since there was nowhere else to put it. However, the elder did not lose faith. He showed us his opus, which he picked floating wood logs and carved them into different objects. The picture shown here is an ashtray the senior carved.


There was also an elder who kept saying that she was hungry when the volunteers arrived at her house. The volunteers hurried to find restaurants nearby to buy some warm food for the elder. Once she was handed the food,
she said thank you with tears in her eyes and quickly swallow the food even if it was very hot.

One incident occurred that shocked the volunteers. When they arrived at an elder’s house, they pressed the doorbell many times without any answers. Worriedly they waited, only to find out from the neighbor next door that the elder had just passed away a few days ago.


The volunteers from Good Way Technology visited around 20 elders this time. Each elder had his and her own story. The volunteers were very touched by some of their optimism towards life. This volunteer experience made us the volunteers understand how lucky we are. We should treasure our family and loved ones, and also remember that everyone will get old. When you are old, no one is more important that our family and health. Even just for short period of time, all the volunteers hope sincerely that we have brought some joy and warmth to the elders.