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Dandelion Coffee for Love in Thailand


In May of 2016, an article about a 21-year-old college student from Taiwan pursuing her dreams and connecting people and Thailand with great love and determination was published in the newspaper.
Her name is Yu-Shan Lin, a junior from National Chengchi University. On July 12, 2016, Good Way invited Yu-Shan to share her charitable act and the experience of meeting and teaching the children in Thailand.



Yu-Shan started a project called “Dandelion Coffee for Love”, in which she started a loan on her own to replace the old and broken truck for a Chinese school in Thailand. The truck was very essential to school because it was used to transport the students and supplies every day. When it broke down, it caused the school a lot of trouble. Yu-shan knew that carrying a loan on her own would cause financial burden, and yet she did it anyway.

Yu-Shan has participated in many international volunteer programs. When she arrived in northern Thailand and saw school’s problem due to the broken car, she wanted to solve the problem. Once she came back to Taiwan from the trip, she explained the situation faced by the school because of poverty and fundraised with coffee. She searched and contacted coffee factories and explained the objective of her fundraiser. One of the suppliers was moved by Yu-Shan’s act and agreed to sell coffee to her with a low cost. Yu-Shan then gave speeches in schools, organizations and enterprises, promoting her beliefs and sharing her experience in Thailand.
The journey to fundraising the full amount of the car loan, NT$1,080,000 was not easy, but 21-year-old Yu-Shan did it with determination and gratefulness.


In her speech given in Good Way, Yu-Shan said that she was very grateful to have a team that supported her and people who believed in her and helped her and the school. The students in Thailand also appreciate what has been given them.
The next step for Yu-Shan is to teach the students there how to provide on their own instead of just receiving what others give them.
She invited professionals from Taiwan to teach the students in Thailand how to plant tea and make income out of it. Hopefully by doing this, the students can grow and learn to provide for themselves.

The audience (employees of Good Way) was moved by Yu-Shan’s sharing and was surprised that a young girl like her could endure such pressure and how that she kept going without giving up. It was admirable how she kept a grateful heart when encountering obstacles. It was truly an encouraging sharing!