CSR Activities

Charitable Yard Sale


Good Way recently hosted a charitable yard sale in July. Many employees donated second-hand objects to participate in this charitable event. All the donated items will be open for bidding in an auction by Good Way’s employees. The money bid on the donated items will be donated to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation for elders who live alone. Good Way believes that by helping others, employees can also feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment.


Among the 321 items donated in this yard sale, there were quite an amount of artistic items, paintings, wooden and ceramic decorations, adding a sense of class to the collection. Moreover, there were also quite a few brand-new items such as home electric appliances, 3D camera…etc.


To make sure employees could see all the items donated before bidding, Good Way arranged a 2-day show room, in which all the items were lay out and open for browsing. The show room attracted many employees and raised their interest in the charitable auction. It was fun to see colleagues aggressively bid online for the same items and the interaction derived from it. Some employees even bid with price a lot higher than they needed to be just for the charitable cause.


Due to the number of donated items, Good Way replaced the physical paper method with online auction using Google sheet for the purpose of environmental protection.
This way, we could reduce the usage of papers and at the same time reduce the damage to Earth.

The auction lasted one week and ended on 7/29. A total of 78 items were successfully bid with the final amount of NTD$10,000 acquired. The bid money and the items that have not been bid during the auction will be donated to Huashan Social Welfare Foundation.

Good Way thank the employees for their effort for the elders who live alone and hope to inspire the employees to participate in more charitable activities on their own.