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International Coastal Cleanup Day~Good Way cleaned up beach!


On September 10, 2016, Good Way Technology, together with Edrington Taiwan, Allianz Global Investors and State Street Corporation, participated in “2016 International Coastal Cleanup” hosted by TEIA (Taiwan Environmental Information Association). Robert Tsao, C.E.O. of Good Way led 32 employees to clean up the Guoa-Sheng-Pu Beach in Wanli to protect the ocean and the coast.

The first International Coastal Cleanup Day was started by US the Ocean Conservancy in 1986. On the third Saturday of September every year, volunteers from all over the world simultaneously clean up beaches and record the types and quantities of the waste found. With these statistics, we can calculate all the data of the waste found on the coasts and hopefully come up with solutions and methods of resolving the problem of coastal waste.


32 employees from Good Way split into 2 teams to pick up trash from different areas of Guoa-Sheng-Pu beach. Within only 50 minutes, we picked up 400 kg of coastal waste. A lot of the waste came from one-time use of daily supplies. For example, one-time use eating utensils, beverage cups, plastic bags, floating styrofoam balls and cigarettes. One of the items found on the beach that really surprised us was lighters. One of the volunteers found a plastic lid with bio-organism on it; this means it was been in the ocean for a long time. It might cause the death of sea creatures if swollen.


To better understand the types and amount of waste, we spent almost an hour to recycle and record the variety of the coastal waste. We also counted and weighed all the trash and report the monitored statistics back to the ICC (International Coastal Cleanup).


After the coastal cleanup, Good Way employees wrote down how they felt on the Love Earth post cards handed out by TEIA. By writing and sending out the postcards, we promised to love and protect the environment. The TEIA would help sending out these postcards one month after. Some of the colleague addressed the postcards to their family who did not participate in this coastal cleanup event, hoping to share the feelings and touching emotions to them.

Towards the end of the beach cleanup , TEIA announced the final result of the coastal cleanup of 400 kg of waste picked up by all the volunteers today. The Deputy Chief Secretary Ms. Sun awarded an Appreciation Card to the representatives of the companies participated today, including the C.E.O. of Good Way, Robert Tsao, showing their gratitude of all the volunteers for protecting the ocean.

Gary, one of Good Way’s employees who participated in the coastal cleanup, said, “Beach cleanup is very meaningful. It is different from what I expected. I thought all the trash on the beach is produced by tourists, but they actually come from the ocean. After today, there will probably be more trash brought up by the waves. If we could picked up 400 kg within less than an hour, which means people really produced a lot of trash. So we should not only keep up on beach cleanup, but also avoid producing trash from the beginning.”

Russell from the Human Resource Department shared the concept of 5R:
Reduce—avoid producing trash
Reuse—use reusable products and utensils
Repair—extend the life span of goods by fixing it
Refuse—say NO to products that are not eco-friendly
Recycle—re-use recycled goods

Russell encourages colleague to carry out these practices in everyday life.

Connie from Supply Management expressed, “I really appreciate the opportunity of coming to this coastal cleanup!” The minute she posted pictures of today’s coastal cleanup on Facebook, many friends commented and asked her details of the activity. She also encouraged her friends to participate in a coastal cleanup and practice economic protection by actual actions.

Amy from the General Management also commented the day after the cleanup, “During the beach cleanup, I saw a lot of plastic bags. Now I brought my own reusable container when I go for grocery. Reduction of plastic products should start from us.”

What can we do after the coastal cleanup?

Good Way has been promoting environmental protection. Since 2011, Good Way gives a pair of reusable chopsticks to each newcomer on their first day of work. Free vegetarian lunch is also provided every Wednesday for all the employees to encourage employees to eat less meat for better health and reduction of carbon dioxide emission. In the future, Good Way will plan an annual coastal cleanup, as well as collecting reusable eco-bags for free use of all employees. Good Way wants to encourage employees to start from little things to protect the environment.