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Hour of Code @ Good Way!

03As the usage of computers and internet search increases, administrative and repetitive work labor have been replaced by machines. Computing and coding are becoming basic skills for the future workplace. Former President Obama signed “Every Student Succeeds Act” in year 2015, adding computer science into general education curriculum. In Taiwan, for the future of our next generation, the Alliance Cultural Foundation, Cheng-Zhi Educational Foundation, Global Views-Commonwealth Publishing Group and 31 other supporting organizations hosted “Hour of Code in Taiwan” in 2016. These organizations wish for children to start learning coding during elementary school, at the same time, helping adults to understand coding for the purpose of understanding the importance of training software engineers and talents.

Good Way also started Hour of Code program within the company, promoting coding and encouraging the employees to interact with their children with the tool of the online learning games on Hour of Code website. The employees and their families who complete the games are rewarded with a certificate, as well as participating in a lottery hosted by Good Way during the Year End Party.

Hour of Code is started by non-profit organization Code.org in 2013 with the objective of creating coding in an hour activity for citizens from 4 to 104 years old. Children from all over the world actively try, explore, and create in the coding games, subconsciously create computing minds, imagination and problem solving skills at the same time understanding the basic concepts of coding. More than one billion and two millions of people participated in Hour of Code so far, including Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook and the school boards in universities.

Taiwan's education 12-year-curriculum will start in 2018 with coding as required classes in junior and senior high schools. President Tsai also attended the Opening Ceremony of Hour of Code to express the government’s determination of putting more resources on computer science training for teenagers. Countries of all over the world also begin to add coding into their elementary curriculum.


One of Good Way's employees in the HR department talked about her 5-year-old playing the online coding games, "Although my boy still can't fully operate the computer and the game, I explained the numbers and the instruction of the game to him. It kind of creates a bonding between us, and my kid is also learning, and I'm learning, too. It's a new experience!"


Another employee also shared his experience, "I have coding experience during school because I took computing class. It was kind of difficult, so I lost interest. Who would have thought we can learn coding through playing games! It's really fun!

Some of the colleague did not welcome the idea too much. However, after they started to play, they were having so much fun; they completed all parts of the games, from Angry Bird to Frozen.

At the end of the activity, some of the employees feedback to us, "The purpose of the game is to put down people's fears towards coding. Codes are embedded into the pictures. The games are not hard, you just need to use your head and click or drag your mouse to get through them. My child in kindergarten passed the game with ease. Although it might be too hard for them to understand the codes, but once they grow interest, they'll try to look at the codes and learn coding when they grow up. I think it's a very interesting and meaningful activity.

During the year-end-party, the vice president of Good Way picked up 5 lucky name cards from the Hour of Code Lottery. These five employees are rewarded with coupons and gifts. During the banquet, Good Way also introduced and promoted this meaningful activity to the attendees and customers in the banquet.

Good Way invites you to join the Hour of Code activity, the greatest learning event in the world! Let’s connect with our future!
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