CSR Activities

Good Way received Certificate of Accredited Healthy Workplace! Let's live and work healthily!

Employees are the most important asset of Good Way. To promote healthy eating, CEO Robert Tsao started Healthy Wednesday, providing vegetarian lunch box to all the employees. Moreover, Vice President Shelley also provides reusable chopsticks to every employee who works at Good Way for health and eco-friendly purposes.


Vegetarian lunch box on Healthy Wednesday

In 2015, CEO Robert founded the Happiness Team, with the objective of becoming a happy enterprise and creating a healthy work environment for the employees. The Happiness Team hosted many health seminars and workshops, volunteer activities and outdoor group activities. The Welfare Committee also hosted Family Day, company tours, as well as started aerobics class and badminton club. With the participation of all employees, Good Way has received the Certificate of Accredited Healthy Workplace awarded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


People who work in an office usually spend a lot of time sitting. To help the employees to become healthier, Good Way is starting a Health Plan in 2017, using the concept of Plan-Do-Check-Action to understand the current status of the employees’ health, analyze and create activities that aim to improve their health.

For example,
Seminars and workshops with the topics related to health
Climb the stairs and obtain points activity
Weight Control Competition
Walk to accumulate Game

The Happiness Team also started a Physical Fitness Test within the company in January and June. The goal is to have employees participate in all kinds of health activities during the period of January and June, and compare the results in the Physical Fitness Test in January and June to analyze the before and after effectiveness.

Physical Fitness Test-Waist measurement, handgrip test

Measurement of back strength, body mass, body fat and BMI. Measurement of flexibility

Three minute step test

Sit-ups, measurement of carbon dioxide (for smokers)

The Department of General Administration also set up a Health Station within the workplace in January, 2017. The Health Station is equipped with a scale for body weight and body fat, blood pressure monitor and health record cards for employees to write down their measured numbers and take home with them, so they can routinely record and pay attention to their health status.

The Welfare Committee of Good Way has also been promoting dynamic healthy and sporty clubs and activities, such as Badminton Club, aerobics class, yoga class, and Cycling and Running Club.
The purpose is to encourage employees to exercise regularly to maintain healthy.

Badminton Club

Cycling and Running Club

Aerobics class

Yoga Class

The Happiness Team creates EDM to deliver health information to the employees.

As for mental health and emotional control, an anonymous mailbox has been placed for the employees to put in thoughts, suggestions and feedback. The team also hosted cultural, artistic and charitable events, such as volunteering for

3-day-2-night Art trip for the elementary students

Delivering food to senior citizens during holidays

Coastal Cleanup at the beaches

Charitable yard sale for the needed groups

Aiming to bring in creativity and dynamics into the company, the team also hosted Hour of Code activity, Thanksgiving event, and invite massagers who are visually impaired to help the employees relax, at the same time, understand and get to know the impaired people.

Through a series of activities and events, Good Way hopes the employees can regain health and reflect on their next health test. Moreover, through these activities Good Way wishes the employees to pass the love to their families and their colleagues to create a healthy and loving community and work environment!