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The Year of Health, Event Series: "Climb the stairs & Earn your points"

People who work at the office usually are lack of exercise. Good Way planned and promoted a series of health events, hoping to encourage the employees to spend some time exercising. One of the events is “Climb the stairs & Earn your points”. The employees climb the stairs at least once a day and record it on the point card distributed by the company. On weekdays, colleague sign for each other if they climb the stairs, on weekends, family can sign for them. The goal is to replace riding the elevator with climbing the stairs in order for the employees to exercise during work days, turning it into daily life routines.

Doctors state that climbing the stairs is a very good aerobic exercise, which strengthen the lower part of the body, especially the legs. Stair climbing can be executed anywhere and anytime without limitation and cost. It is a very suitable exercise for the busy city workers.

Climbing the stairs is like other aerobic exercises. It helps to digest 8.0METs of the fat. For a person who weighs 50kg, he or she can consume 7 calories. The more you weigh the more calories you can consume. Therefore, climbing the stairs not only helps you exercise, but also helps you lose weight.

The beginning season of the “Climb the stairs & Earn your points” event was successful with 62 participants from Good Way.

The employees who have joined this event expressed their joy and excitement.
“I used to ride the elevators, but I started to climb the stairs when this event begins. Once I get used to it, it gets less tiring. I usually do it after lunch, about three times, it helps me digest. I also feel more energetic in the afternoon.”
“Before this event, I usually take the elevator at night when taking the trash out. Now I change to climbing the stairs. During weekends or holidays, I also use the stairs when going out with my family.”
“When I ask my husband or children to sign the point card for me after climbing the stairs, they always think this event is very interesting. Sometimes, they would even climb the stairs with me! I’ll definitely participate in the next season!”

The last round of "Climb the stairs & Earn your points" in 2017 has ended successfully on 9/30. From 7/1-9/30, a total of 50 climbers from Good Way completed the task. Good Way will host more interesting events in the next coming year. Hope all the staff will develop good exercise habit. The more you exercise, the healthier you get!