CSR Activities

The Year of Health, Event Series: Competition of Weight Loss

According to the result of the annual health exam held by Good Way, 42.7% of the employees are over the normal BMI standard. Overweight can cause many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes…etc. Good Way hosts a competition of weight loss in order to pass the message of the importance of healthy BMI standard and healthy eating for the purpose of preventing problems such as overweight and related illnesses.

The competition begins on 2/2 and ends on 4/12, a total of 70 days. The percentage of before and after measured weight determines the winner. $3000, $2000 & $1000 are distributed to the first , second and third winners respectively. These awards are not cash directly given to the winners. The receivers can only buy sports related goods based on the amount they win to make sure the awards are also used on health-pursed purpose. There are 55 employees participated in this competition, even the CEO and higher-rank supervisors joined the event. A total of 64.9 kg is lost within two months. The first three winners lost 30 kg; the rest of the participants lost about 1-2 kg averagely. The result was remarkable!

Besides the “Climb the stairs & Earn your points” event, Good Way also hosted “Eating nutritiously” seminar in February, inviting a nutritionist from the hospital to introduce the simple and healthy way to eat out. An EDM of health info is also sent out regularly to explain and teach the employees to live healthily. The welfare group of the company also started badminton club, aerobics club, yoga club and cycling and running club. Good Way also sponsors the employees to participate in marathons. All these events are designed and aimed for helping the employees to exercise more.


The third place: Jacky (PCB Layout Department)
Lost 10.1 kg.  11.84%


The second place: Kerry (MIS Department)
Lost 11 kg  14.26%


The first place: Entien (Chairman Office)
Lost 8.9 kg  14.30%


Tom, an engineers from Mechanical Department, who has participated in the competition, said, “I had a problem with serious infection after a surgery. When I asked the doctor the reason, the doctor replied that bacteria like sugar. People who like sweets tend to be more serious during illness. I don’t want to have another surgery, so I followed the doctor’s instruction to be careful what and how I eat and drink. I discovered that the lunch boxes we ordered at noon from outside usually contain excessive add-ons. A lot of snacks for afternoon tea also contain over-the-standard sugar or salt. Too much oil and sugar will cause me unhealthy. Although I don’t have much time exercising, I drink a lot of water and avoid taking food that contained starch and sugar. I would drink tea or soymilk, but unsweetened. I would still go to McDonald’s, but I would change the drink to unsweetened tea, and change the fries to salad. After I change the way I eat, my body is also becoming healthier and cleaner. Many of the problems I used to have are gone. I will keep going and eating healthily!

The Competition of Weight Loss is very successful! Some of the employees are still trying to keep fit after the competition. Good Way wants pass down the message to its employees that constantly exercise and healthy eating will keep them and their families happy and peaceful!