CSR Activities

Love for the Elders on Dragon Boat Festival in 2017

During the Dragon Boat Festival, families make dumplings (Zhongzi), wear fragrant sachets, hang wormwood. However, there are elders who are living alone, waiting for support and kindness during the holiday season.

Good Way has been helping the Hua-shan Charitable Foundation to deliver goods to the elders living alone in Sindian City since 2016. Good Way’s employees volunteer to deliver food, daily supplies and most importantly, love and blessings to the elders who live alone. We wish to give the elders aa un-hungry holiday, at the same time, calling more people to understand and care for the elders who might be forgotten by the society.

Besides the delivery of the goods, Good Way also held a charitable sale for “Zhongzi”, the traditional rice dumplings, made and donated by the kind vendors who also want to support the elders. We want to try different ways to bring the issue to our employees that there are people who need our help and that we can help them by just buying the rice dumplings and eat them with a gracious heart.

This year, our employees accompanied by Hua-Shan Foundation’s volunteers, visit elders in the Xichou, Ankung, and Wulai districts in Sindian. Our employees chatted with the elders, brought rice, noodles, canned food, and instant mixed drinks to the elders. Of course, rice dumplings and fragrant sachet are also in the goodie bags!

From the conversations with the elders, the employees felt and understood their loneliness and the sadness. Some of the elders do not have a very good living environment. Some of them are ill and have dementia. Some of them have to live out of delivered meals and cleaning service by charitable foundation s and organizations. These selfless volunteers are truly angelic.

Through volunteering for the goods delivery on Dragon Boat Festival, our employees learned how lucky they are and treasure what they have even more. One of the employee shared that Grandma Lin who lives in Ankung has dementia and forgets things easily, but she still happily says, “I’m 87 years old. But everyone says that I am very healthy. I have to two tips, one is to do exercise every day. I walk around at home or take a walk downstairs when I’m free. And I do yoga! The second tip is to be satisfied of what you have. Don’t worry and don’t think too much. That’s my tips to live healthily and happily!”
These angelic and cute grandpa and grandma give us an opportunity to learn. They have taught us a lot about life.

One of the employees says, “I learned a new thing every time I participated in this volunteering activity. One of the grandma I visited passed away. There was also one elder who checked in to the hospital to have a surgery. Or elders who are sent into a convalescence home because they were getting weaker. I realize that as time passes, the elders are getting weaker. They really don’t have time to wait for more support and care.”

After volunteering, our employees bring what they saw and heard to their colleague and families. Good Way also shared the event online to pass down the message and attract more people to treasure and love people surrounded.

Currently Hua-Shan Foundation is serving 70 elders. It is a long timer commitment and needs constant support. Every service for the elders is based on a caring heart and the anticipation of making them un-hungry and a clean living environment with dignity. The more time we spend with them, the more joy we bring them!