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2017 “English is Fun!” Project English Learning for Students in Remote Area

Planting the Seed of English and performing arts for kids in remote area

English is one of the key elements for children to develop their international perspective. Good Way Charitable and Education Trust Due to the observation that children in Taiwan do not have many chances to talk and practice English, Good Way Charitable and Education Trust teamed up with Let's Play Theater to create the “ English is Fun !" Project. By combing drama and games, Good Way Charitable and Education Trust aims encourage children to learn English with joy and fun, and most importantly, with an open-mind. The actors' far-fetched and hilarious movements and lines, stimulate and change the children's viewpoint about English learning, as well as reduce their fear to make contact with foreigners. This learning experience increases the children's willingness of learning English and their imagination of language. The dramatic element of the project also provides the opportunity of connecting arts and school learning.

GWCET(Good Way Charitable and Education Trust) sponsors the performance and workshop to encourage schools in the remote areas and outskirts of cities to apply for the project. 

There are four schools applied for the project this year:
Qingshan Elementary and Junior High School
Guangzheng Junior High School
Nanai Elementary School
Dahu Elementary School

Let's Play Theater performed their famous play, “Kill Wolf”, nominated by the Children Play Script Award in 2014, in these four schools. A total of eight hundred and thirty three students benefitted in this project.

Students from Qingshan Junior High School loved the play, performed at their school on April 7.

One of the students said,
 “The play was very interesting! Besides learning English, we also learned that we shouldn’t look at things or treat people with bias and prejudice.”

The three and four graders from Qingshan Elementary School completely resonated with the characters in the play. They even stood up for the Big Bad Wolf and shouted against the Judge, with “Not guilty” which was a new vocabulary for them. During the Q & A session, the students were very clever to notice the “bug” (the illogical part in the story, intentionally designed for the audience to catch). This shows the students' concentration and understanding of the play, even though it's in English.

On May 11, Let's Play Theater performed at Nanai Elementary School, located in the remote area of Sinchu City. The whole school consists of 6 classes, one class per grade, with a total of 132 students. Nanai’s campus is surrounded by farms and the beautiful countryside of Sinchu.
The performance was very special for the children in that area. When the Big Bad Wolf made his entrance, the audience went crazy and screaming like they never had. The actors were surprised by the big welcome.

Nanai Elementary School also invited the students from Dahu Elementary School which was in the same neighborhood. The children were very into the performed story.They screamed at the climax and laughed at all the jokes. When leaving after the play, students from Dahu Elementary School attentively told their teachers that they wanted to stay for the workshop held in Nanai in the afternoon. They wished to have more time to interact with the actors.

The students were not afraid to talk in English during the interaction, and counted the sheep in English with the Shepherd in the play. They also learned and shouted loudly many new vocabulary and phrases such as “guilty, not guilty” and “second chance”. During the Q&A Session, the students were not afraid to raise their hands and were willing to share their opinions towards the play. The principal and the teachers, as well as the actors from the Let’s Play Theater, were very touched by their growth.

After the dramatic performance, the workshop was held in the afternoon. Each school chose forty students to participate. Through various games and teaching techniques, the students develop their minds and bodies. By leading them to act, the students learned to talk naturally in English with their movements and facial expressions. On April 14, the students of Guangzheng Junior High School created their own play, “Monkey & Chicken”. The creativity of the performance surprised the teachers and their fellow students. Their acting skills made the audience laugh very hard. It was amazing a three-hour-workshop could make the students create such wonderful piece of dramatic work. It was truly unforgettable!

After the performance and workshop, we were touched by the impact the project brought to the students. The positive feedback from the schools and students made us more determined of the mission, which is telling the children English learning could be fun.

" This play taught me that we cannot judge by the appearance or surface of an incident. We should not consider the Big Bad Wolf to be guilty because our prejudice towards the character. The performance made me like English! It’s very interesting! "

Said by Chen from Guangzheng Junior High School


" I am amazed that the actors on the stage can speak English just as fluently as Chinese. It really changed my mind about English! "

By Zheng

" Although I could only understand half of the play in the beginning, I gradually come to the understanding of the development of the play. It made me more confident! "

By Ke

" I really enjoyed the show. The humorous portrayal helped me to remember the vocabulary easily."

By Lai

 " This performance increased my ability of English listening, as well as analyzing the meaning of the phrases, in or short time. It’s very helpful! "

By Chou

" I learned many vocabulary and phrases, and also the intonation of English sentences."

By Huang

" After the performance, I could slowly understand what the actors were saying. This made me feel like English learning was not as difficult as I thought. "

By Lin

" Drama makes English learning fun! People who are afraid of English can conquer their fear of English through drama. This is great! "

By Jian

Before the dramatic performance, students learned the relevant vocabulary in class. After the performance, they also attentively participated in the Let’s Send a Post Card! activity. Schools would also use extend the resources of this project to more creative English teaching events. Good Way wishes to plant the seeds of English learning and dramatic art in the hearts of the students.

Our Appreciation goes to all the principals, teachers and the students of the following schools:

Qingshan Elementary and Junior High School
Guangzheng Junior High School
Nanai Elementary School
Dahu Elementary School

Thank you for your support and effort!