CSR Activities

2018 Year of Eco Good Way!


Due to the worsening of Global warming, Good Way decides to lead its employees to implement actions that would protect the environment. Therefore, 2018 has been names the Year of Eco Good Way. With a series of Eco friendly activities, as well as the execution of EPA's Top Ten Declaration on Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, Good Way wishes to lead the employees to live a low carbon life and go green together!

The series of Activities for Eco Good Way are:

  • Free to use eco tote
  • Street Cleaning
  • Green Life seminar
  • Earth Hour, turn off the light for an hour
  • Mountain and coastal cleaning & tree planting
  • Veggie lunch box once a week


Let’s not use plastic bags! An area of reusable totes is open, free for the employees to use when buying their lunch. Once they are done, they put the totes back for the next person.

Do you know that UN has stated that by the year 2050, the plastic in the ocean would be as much as the fishes? This will eventually cause the food chain to alter and endanger humans. The Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan has forbidden the use of plastic bags for 7 industries since January 1 of 2018. Stores such as bakeries, drink shops will not be able to provide plastic bags. An estimation of 15 billion of plastic bags will be reduced. Let's start from our daily lives to reduce the usage of plastic bags in order to save the earth!


Enterprises United to keep the Community Substantial: Street Cleaning Activity!


EPA's Top Ten Declaration on Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

  1. To keep a constant temperature on the AC and avoid leakage.
  2. Always unplug electronic appliances when not in use
  3. Save energy and water to save money
  4. Green shopping: Purchase eco-friendly products
  5. Drive a car that emits less carbon dioxide
  6. Don't drive at least one day a week
  7. Cycling or walking is more healthy
  8. More vegetables and less meat
  9. Bring your own eating utensils
  10. Reuse to save energy for the Earth


Good Way invites you to go green! Protect the Earth with Actions!