CSR Activities

Enterprises United to keep the Community Substantial Street Cleaning Activity


To welcome the coming Chinese New Year, Good Way, Aaeon, Moxa, Onxy and Litemax joined hands to clean the environment in the neighborhood. The street cleaning activity was held on February 6 nearby the riverbank behind the five enterprises. Employees from each of the companies, approximately 100 people, cleaned Lane 235 where the company buildings were located. This activity was designed to call out more attention to the environment, hoping to protect and maintain the community environment.

C.E.O. Robert Tsao and VP Shelly Hsia led 20 employees to roll up their sleeves and collect the waste on Lane 235. The volunteers found objects such as bottles, cans, plastic bags, household trash discarded in the area.

C.E.O. Tsao said that many people pass this Lane 235 and the riverbank when commuting to the workplace. It is amazing there is so much trash in the bushes and on the side of the road. After an hour of cleaning, the five enterprises collected approximately 450 kg of waste. Good Way alone picked up 184 kg of waste. The number is surprisingly high. The volunteers from the enterprises hope people can also start from themselves to avoid littering and decrease the amount of trash. The five enterprises plan to regularly clean the street and get the employees involved in protecting the environment of the community, implementing social responsibility.