Charity and Education

Charity, Education and Culture

With a strong and persistent belief that “What we take from society, we give back!”, Good Way encourages employees to participate in charitable activities because we want to express our appreciation to what our society has provided us.
Good Way plan and host various cultural, educational and charitable activities for the employees to conveniently join, promoting the spirits of kindness and compassion.


As part of Good Way’s pursuit of corporate social responsibility, the CEO, Robert Tsao, has founded Good Way Charitable and Education Trust Fund. The goal is to promote and fund charitable, educational and cultural activities and events, as well as encouraging the employees to participate and volunteer during the event planning and execution.

CSR Activities List:

2017.11.28 《ENERGY BREAK》 10 minute Exe
2017.10.16 Good Way received the 2017 Taiwan Enterprise iSport Award!
2017.09.16 2017 Coastal Clean-Up Day
2017.06.01 2017 " English is Fun! " Project English Learning for Students in Remote Area
2017.05.25 Love for the Elders on Dragon Boat Festival in 2017
2017.04.12 The Year of Health, Event Series: Competition of Weight Loss
2017.03.31 The Year of Health, Event Series: "Climb the stairs & Earn your points"
2017.03.18 2017 Good Way Family Day!
2017.02.02 Good Way received Certificate of Accredited Healthy Workplace! Let’s live and work healthily!
2016.12.02 Hour of Code @ Good Way!
2016.10.04 2016 Changhua The Opening of the “Light Up Dreams of Art” Project
2016.09.13 Love for the Elderly on Moon Festival
2016.09.10 International Coastal Cleanup Day~Good Way cleaned up beach!
2016.08.04 Charitable Yard Sale
2016.07.12 Dandelion Coffee for Love in Thailand
2016.05.16 Plant a seed of reading for the children in Kaohsiung
2016.02.03 Volunteer Activity –Deliveries to Elderly Living Alone
2015.10.24 A Day to the theater for a Young Audience
2015.09.03 Second-hand Goods Re-born in Shihlei Elementary School!