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2024 CES- Good Way's new docking stations redefine the future of business and entertainment with speed and intelligence, leading in business opportunities

Taipei (CES 2024) – From the official launch of Thunderbolt 5 by Intel in September last year to the advent of the AI PC era this year, the focus of electronic products in 2024 is on being both "faster" and "smarter." Good Way, a leading docking station designer and manufacturer, is preparing for this shift by introducing more efficient and intelligently managed solutions. These innovations promise a smoother and more intelligent user experience in both business and entertainment. The showcased solutions at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) received significant attention, particularly for applications in conferencing, content creation, gaming, entertainment, and smart management.

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Among the showcased new solutions, the flagship is the globally leading DBF7050, the first-ever Thunderbolt 5 docking station. It boasts a transmission speed twice as fast as Thunderbolt 4, supporting the connection of two 8K displays or three 4K displays. Additionally, it offers up to 140W of PD fast charging, and its built-in SSD provides enhanced flexibility for applications. With rapid, refined, and robust performance, the DBF7050 is the ideal companion for content creators who regularly handle large volumes of multimedia and high-resolution images.

For scenarios requiring multiple external monitors, Good Way showcased the DUD3851 docking station, capable of connecting up to five 4K displays. It features rich video ports, including three HDMI and two DisplayPort interfaces, and provides 96W of PD fast charging, significantly enhancing work productivity.

For enterprises deploying multiple docking stations, Good Way's DU48370 USB4 Smart Dock provides an intelligent solution for remote management. DU48370 supports Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), assisting IT administrators in effectively monitoring the external status of each docking station and power management of connected laptops. It also enables remote firmware updates, effectively ensuring enterprise cybersecurity and IT resource management.

At this year's CES, Good Way responded to the BYOD trend by introducing a diverse range of business conferencing solutions. Leading the lineup is the DUK6850 USB-C Share4 Dock, capable of connecting two laptops to two 4K displays with swift switching. Notably, it provides four sharing modes for these two laptops: external screen sharing, simultaneous PD fast charging for both laptops, data sharing between the two laptops, and sharing of USB or Bluetooth devices. This enhances resource efficiency. Additionally, the HUV6600 employs HDBaseT technology in a conference docking station. On the host side, it connects two laptops with USB peripherals like a keyboard, mouse, and speakerphone. The device side connects external displays and cameras. Signal and power are transmitted through a CAT6 cable, meeting transmission needs without excessive cable costs and interference. This solution allows quick content switching between two laptops, offering a cost-effective conference solution. Finally, the NDW6000 is a plug-and-play P2P wireless screen casting solution, compatible with multiple platforms and requiring no driver installations. Lightweight and portable, it serves as an ideal assistant for business presentations.

In addition to business conferencing applications, Good Way showcased the VUZ7260 that supports HDMI and 4K video capture for gaming. This allows gamers to play games on a 4K144Hz resolution screen while simultaneously connecting to a laptop for game live streaming via OBS. It seamlessly supports various operating systems and also features headphone and party chat support, creating the ultimate entertainment experience for esports and video game enthusiasts.

Good Way stated that CES is the world's largest consumer electronics show and marks the first major tech event of 2024, carrying significant indicative value. While the computer peripherals industry was somewhat affected by the decline in laptop sales last year, the momentum generated by themes like AI PC and the introduction of new laptop models this year has been instrumental. Responding proactively to industry trends and emerging applications, Good Way has positioned itself as a pioneer, launching innovative, intelligent solutions. The company is optimistic about its prospects for the year, having engaged in discussions with numerous clients at CES regarding collaborative plans for the year. Good Way aims to maintain close interactive relationships with clients, adapt strategies carefully in response to market changes, and is confident that 2024 will be a year of fruitful achievements.

The Flagship Docking Station Designed for Professional Content Creators

The DBF7050, designed for professionals, is a flagship docking station featuring cutting-edge Thunderbolt 5 technology. With a power delivery range of 45W to 140W, it rapidly charges laptops and multiple USB devices, highly enhancing productivity and efficiency. This dock enables content extension to three 4K120 displays or dual 8K60 displays through Thunderbolt 5 ports, showcasing the most delicate details for creators. Compatibility extends to traditional USB, USB4, Thunderbolt 3, and 4, providing great convenience. The DBF7050 also supports a PCIe Gen 4×4 M.2 SSD, enhancing storage for professional content creation. Equipped with an Ethernet RJ45 connector and three USB-A ports, it ensures a reliable environment. The DBF7050 stands as the ultimate docking solution for content creators seeking unparalleled performance.

The Docking Station That Can Extend Up To Five 4K Displays

The DUD3851 ideally enhances productivity with its exceptional docking capabilities, seamlessly extending content across impressive five displays at a maximum resolution of 4K60Hz. This sleek docking station not only eliminates the need for a bulky laptop power brick but also delivers up to 96W of laptop charging through its USB-C port. With versatile USB downstream ports (four USB-A and two USB-C), along with built-in Ethernet and audio jack, the DUD3851 offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for diverse connectivity needs. Undoubtedly, it's the ultimate companion for achieving heightened productivity in any workspace.

Remote Management Intelligent Docking Station

The DU48370 heralds a new era for docking stations with its smart power, enabling remote management, including centralized deployment, port usage monitoring, and firmware updates, by supporting Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM). Additionally, this intelligent dock supports laptop power control, providing better power management for administrators. Apart from its smart functions, the DU48370 also excels in connectivity performance. Its built-in DisplayPort and HDMI port can support four display extensions with 4K60Hz resolution, while the USB4 interface delivers up to 96W of laptop charging. Adopting USB4 technology, the DU48370 provides abundant USB ports for connecting various peripherals with rapid data transmission speeds, significantly boosting productivity and facilitating USB device management. Its Ethernet RJ45 connector and audio jack ensure reliable functionality to fully meet diverse application needs. The DU48370 is an ideal docking solution, perfectly balancing enterprise IT resource management and personal use.

The Docking Station with Four Sharing Modes for Conferencing Application

The DUK6850 serves as a convenient conferencing dock, enabling two laptops to share displays, power, data, and devices, significantly enhances conferencing efficiency and quality. When connected, it allows one of both laptops to extend content to two 4K60Hz displays, or project each content to individual display at the same time. Simultaneously, the DUK6850 delivers PD65W to both laptops, ensuring efficient charging. It also facilitates seamless file transfer and shared keyboard and mouse functionality between the laptops, providing enhanced flexibility. Other USB devices, such as flash drives, cameras, or speakerphones, can be shared through the dock. With four powerful share modes, the DUK6850 comprehensively meets conferencing and collaborative needs, enhancing overall productivity and performance.

Hub Switch Extender for Conferencing Application

The HUV6600, adopting HDBaseT USB3.0 technology, is a complete conferencing solution, ensuring fast and high-quality transmission of USB-native content with a single CATx cable up to 100 meters. The HUV6600 features two devices: the HUV6620 at the host side and HUV6610 at the device side. The HUV6620 allows for dual laptops connectivity at its UFP USB-C ports, providing a fast switch between two laptops and enhancing presentation convenience. In addition, the HUV6610’s four built-in USB-A 5G ports enable the connection of more devices, including USB cameras, USB video adapters, and dock, for applications such as video conferencing or multiple display content extension. With the outstanding advantages of HDBaseT, the HUV6600 is a perfect conferencing solution that combines cost-effectiveness and performance for versatile applications.

Wireless Screen Casting Device for Meetings

The NDW6010 and the NDW6020 are wireless P2P dongles that effortlessly mirror and extend displays. These plug-and-play devices require no drivers, offering user-friendly convenience. The NDW6010, with USB-C support and DP Alt mode, ensures seamless cross-platform connectivity with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android OS on PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. Meanwhile, the NDW6020 includes an HDMI connection for TV and monitor compatibility. These devices are ideal and dependable connectivity partners, enhancing your user experience across a range of applications.

The Video Capturer Born for Gaming

The VUZ7260 HDMI 4K120Hz Video Capture delivers exceptional visual quality for gaming streamers and content creators. With two HDMI ports, the VUZ7260 supports 4K120Hz resolution and loop-through functionality. Its USB-C, featuring USB3.2 interface, offers speeds of up to 10Gbps, ensuring smooth 4K60Hz raw data transmission to PC. Featuring built-in 3.5mm audio jacks for microphones and headphones, it caters to professional audio needs. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, the VUZ7260 is the ideal video capture solution for enhancing your gaming and content creation experience with zero lag.