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Good Way Successfully Showcases Stunning Conference and Hybrid Work Solutions at ISE 2024

Facing the emerging trend of "hybrid work" post-pandemic, enterprises must contemplate how to incorporate more flexible and efficient technological solutions to meet employees' expectations for work experience and conferences in the office while simultaneously enhancing communication, collaboration efficiency, and productivity. Good Way, with rich design and manufacturing experience in docking station, has adequately prepared for the trend of hybrid work, launching a series of conference solutions characterized by speed, efficiency, convenience, and sharing, and made their debut in Europe at the recently concluded Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition. Their smooth and intelligent performance showcased at the exhibition garnered widespread attention from clients and buyers, signaling a successful response to the evolving work environment.

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visiting and Seeing Live Demo

In order to enhance the efficiency of hybrid work, Good Way has introduced the DUK6850 Share4 Dock, which can connect two laptops to two 4K monitors for quick switching. What's special is that it can provide four sharing modes for these two laptops: external screen sharing, power sharing for rapid charging of two laptops simultaneously, data sharing between two laptops, and device sharing such as USB or Bluetooth peripherals, which helps save resources and improve collaboration efficiency.

Additionally, the HUV6600 is a conference docking station that utilizes HDBaseT technology. At the host end, it can connect two laptops along with USB peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and speakerphone. At the device end, it connects external monitors and video cameras. Signal and power transmission needs are met through a single CAT6 cable connecting both ends, avoiding excessive cable costs and interference, and enabling rapid content switching between two laptops. It's a cost-effective conference audiovisual transmission solution.

The NDW6000 is a plug-and-play P2P wireless screen casting solution compatible with multiple platforms and requiring no installation of any driver. It's lightweight and portable, serving as a reliable assistant for business meetings and proposal presentations.

For enterprises requiring deployment of multiple docking stations, Good Way offers the DU48370 USB4 Smart Managed Dock, providing a smart remote management solution for businesses. The DU48370 supports Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), helping IT managers monitor the external connections of each dock and manage the power of connected laptops effectively. It also allows for remote firmware updates, effectively ensuring enterprise data security and IT resource management.

Good Way stated that through the highlighted products showcased at ISE this year, they not only demonstrate the company's global leadership in enhancing productivity in office and conference settings but also signify the substantial strength to assist clients in creating sufficient application solutions to meet the demands of hybrid work. Participation in ISE, a globally significant audiovisual and system integration exhibition, is expected to have considerable strategic significance for the company's business cooperation and expansion in Europe in 2024, including client contacts and development, new product exposure, and project negotiations. The results are definitely worth looking forward to.

The Docking Station with Four Sharing Modes for Conferencing Application

The DUK6850 serves as a convenient conferencing dock, enabling two laptops to share displays, power, data, and devices, significantly enhances conferencing efficiency and quality. When connected, it allows one of both laptops to extend content to two 4K60Hz displays, or project each content to individual display at the same time. Simultaneously, the DUK6850 delivers PD65W to both laptops, ensuring efficient charging. It also facilitates seamless file transfer and shared keyboard and mouse functionality between the laptops, providing enhanced flexibility. Other USB devices, such as flash drives, cameras, or speakerphones, can be shared through the dock. With four powerful share modes, the DUK6850 comprehensively meets conferencing and collaborative needs, enhancing overall productivity and performance.

Hub Switch Extender for Conferencing Application

The HUV6600, adopting HDBaseT USB3.0 technology, is a complete conferencing solution, ensuring fast and high-quality transmission of USB-native content with a single CATx cable up to 100 meters. The HUV6600 features two devices: the HUV6620 at the host side and HUV6610 at the device side. The HUV6620 allows for dual laptops connectivity at its UFP USB-C ports, providing a fast switch between two laptops and enhancing presentation convenience. In addition, the HUV6610’s four built-in USB-A 5G ports enable the connection of more devices, including USB cameras, USB video adapters, and dock, for applications such as video conferencing or multiple display content extension. With the outstanding advantages of HDBaseT, the HUV6600 is a perfect conferencing solution that combines cost-effectiveness and performance for versatile applications.

Wireless Screen Casting Device for Meetings

The NDW6010 and the NDW6020 are wireless P2P dongles that effortlessly mirror and extend displays. These plug-and-play devices require no drivers, offering user-friendly convenience. The NDW6010, with USB-C support and DP Alt mode, ensures seamless cross-platform connectivity with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android OS on PCs, tablets, or mobile phones. Meanwhile, the NDW6020 includes an HDMI connection for TV and monitor compatibility. These devices are ideal and dependable connectivity partners, enhancing your user experience across a range of applications.

Remote Management Intelligent Docking Station

The DU48370 heralds a new era for docking stations with its smart power, enabling remote management via Ethernet connection. This includes centralized deployment, port usage monitoring, and firmware updates supporting Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), bringing greater convenience and efficiency to enterprise security and IT management. In addition to its intelligent features, the DU48370 excels in connectivity performance, with built-in DisplayPort and HDMI ports supporting expansion for up to four 4K60Hz resolution displays. The USB4 interface provides up to 96W of charging power for laptops. Adopting USB4 technology, the DU48370 provides abundant USB ports for connecting various peripherals with rapid data transmission speeds, significantly boosting productivity and facilitating USB device management. The DU48370 is an ideal docking solution, perfectly balancing enterprise IT resource management and personal use.