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Charity and Education

Charity and Education

Charity, Education and Culture

With a strong and persistent belief that “What we take from society, we give back!”, Good Way encourages employees to participate in charitable activities because we want to express our appreciation to what our society has provided us.

Good Way plan and host various cultural, educational and charitable activities for the employees to conveniently join, promoting the spirits of kindness and compassion.



As part of Good Way’s pursuit of corporate social responsibility, the CEO, Robert Tsao, has founded Good Way Charitable and Education Trust Fund. The goal is to promote and fund charitable, educational and cultural activities and events, as well as encouraging the employees to participate and volunteer during the event planning and execution.


CSR Activities List:


2022.11.09 Third Time Receiving Taiwan iSports!
2022.08.24 2022 Charitable Yard Sale
2022.07.08 2022 Fun English-English Seeding Education
2022.06.01 2022 Marathon Hero at Good Way
2022.05.09 Healthy Diet in 60 Days
2022.05.09 2022 March Happiness Seminar-Global Warming
2022.01.26 Love for Elders Living Alone During Chinese New Year
2022.01.01 Good Way aims to create a healthy workplace
2021.12.24 2021 Thanksgiving and Christmas Series Activities
2021.10.26 2021 Discovery of Technology-Inspiration for Motivation and Creativity
2021.05.24 Dream of Art Program- My Homeland is Beautiful-Exhibition of Hometown Maps
2021.03.24 2021 Changhua-Dream of Art Opening Ceremony
2020.10.04 2020 Less Plastic Love the Ocean
2020.09.16 2020 Family Day
2020.09.30 2020 Opening of the Dream of Art in Changhua, Exhibition of Children’s books and Illustrations from the world
2020.04.07 2020 Eat cabbage and Help farmers
2019.11.04 2019 Certified by Sports Administration as a Taiwan iSports Corporates
2019.10.23 Good Way Happiness Seminar, October 2019-Blooming of Life
2019.05.25 2019 Eco Friendly Tour at Tzu Chi
2019.04.30 Earth Day 2019 Run for Less Plastic