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Global Sources Electronics 2023 Fall- Targeting the hybrid work trend, Good Way's docking station solution opens up a new style of work and entertainment experience

Taipei (Global Sources Electronics 2023 Fall) – As the post-pandemic era approaches, many global companies are adopting a new work model called "Hybrid Work," where the boundaries between work, life, and leisure are gradually blurring. The flexible and space-efficient office space planning not only helps employees reduce stress and boost morale but also allows companies to reduce costs. For content creators and game streamers, there is a growing demand for more convenient tools to enhance productivity and deliver a seamless gaming experience. Whether it's changes in work patterns or the pursuit of enhanced entertainment, the common goal is to achieve higher productivity and user experience excellence.

As a leading global designer and manufacturer of docking stations, Good Way effectively addresses productivity challenges in the era of hybrid work and enhances the work and entertainment experience through a range of docking solutions that align with market demands and technological trends. These forward-looking docking solutions with significant market potential were successfully showcased at the Good Way booth, numbered 9E20 and 9E22, at the Global Sources Electronics held from October 11th to 14th, 2023, at the Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo Hall 9.

Customer Visting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visting and Seeing Live Demo

Customer Visting and Seeing Live Demo

Discussed product and collaboration with customers

In terms of solutions, Good Way has introduced compact yet powerful docking stations for busy business professionals. The DUD7200 is a small docking station designed to cater to both office environments and business travel. It can simultaneously connect up to three displays, USB devices, Ethernet, and also features USB-C laptop direct charging, meeting all business needs. Additionally, the Thunderbolt 4 docking station DBD1700 comes with a built-in GaN charger, supporting one 8K display, making it a versatile solution for power, connectivity, and mobility, enhancing your work performance to the next level.

Furthermore, while hybrid work emphasizes flexibility in the work environment, the effectiveness of face-to-face discussions is still challenging to replace with video conferences. Therefore, Good Way has introduced a plug-and-play screen casting solution, the NDW6000, to optimize meeting efficiency. This solution allows you to effortlessly wirelessly cast the screens of devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones onto a display, without the need for any drivers or settings. It supports resolutions of up to 2K, facilitating focused discussions and interactions among participants and maximizing the benefits of physical meetings.

For gamers, Good Way has also launched the all-new VUZ7260 video capture device that supports HDMI and 4K120Hz video capture. It seamlessly supports various operating systems and features a design with dynamic color-changing effects. This product provides an unparalleled new visual and performance experience for esports, video gaming and live streaming.

Good Way stated that the participation in the "Global Sources Electronics" trade show has been fruitful, and they have successfully engaged in discussions with several customers and potential buyers regarding future collaboration plans for innovative products. Good Way also holds an optimistic view of the market potential driven by new applications in the post-pandemic era. Good Way will continue to maintain close relationships with customers, leveraging technological leadership to open up richer horizons for both work and entertainment.

Snap shots to Global Sources Electronics 2023 Fall Live Demo

The Triple HDMI Display Universal Mini Dock- Perfect for Travel and Work

The DUD7200 is a small, compact, and easy-to-carry USB-C triple display universal dock that's perfect for travel and work. It features three HDMI ports with resolutions up to 3x4K60 specified in HDMI, so you can extend your laptop screen to three external monitors and boost your productivity. The DUD7200 also includes a PD85W passthrough port that can charge your laptop while you're working, as well as dual USB-C downlink ports with 7.5W and four USB-A ports with 4.5W that can charge your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. There's also an audio combo port for video conferencing or listening to music, and a 1GbpE RJ45 port for reliable network access.

GaN Power Charging Dock for Mobility

The DBD1700 Thunderbolt 4 power charging dock equips 140W power supply inside to eliminate a heavy power brick hassle and Thunderbolt uplink port of the DBD1700 delivers 96W power delivery straight into the notebook so you can simply plug the power cable to the dock without needing a bulky power adapter. With Thunderbolt technology, you can simply plug Thunderbolt 4 ports to view more detail and extend the notebook display to external monitors up to single 8K30 or dual 4K60 displays as well as t connect external storage and accessory to use. The DBD1700 utilizes USB-C connector to provide multi-connectivity solution at Thunderbolt uplink port to connect Windows PC, USB-C Mac, iPad, and Chromebook and its USB-C connectors of all Thunderbolt ports also provide multi-connectivity over devices across Thunderbolt 4 and 3 and USB 4 and 3 to provide the universal connectivity that has simple and easy connection over USB-C accessory and device.

Wireless Display P2P Dongle for Meeting

The NDW6010 and the NDW6020 are wireless P2P dongles that effortlessly mirror and extend displays. These plug-and-play devices require no drivers, offering user-friendly convenience. The NDW6010, with USB-C support and DP Alt mode, ensures seamless cross-platform connectivity with Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS on PCs or tablets. Meanwhile, the NDW6020 includes an HDMI connection for TV and monitor compatibility. These devices are ideal and dependable connectivity partners, enhancing your user experience across a range of applications.

The Video Capture Born for Gaming

The VUZ7260 HDMI 4K120Hz Video Capture delivers exceptional visual quality for gaming streamers and content creators. With two HDMI ports, the VUZ7260 supports 4K120Hz resolution and loop-through functionality. Its USB-C, featuring USB3.2 interface, offers speeds of up to 10Gbps, ensuring smooth 4K60Hz raw data transmission to PC. Featuring built-in 3.5mm audio jacks for microphones and headphones, it caters to professional audio needs. Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, the VUZ7260 is the ideal video capture solution for enhancing your gaming and content creation experience with zero lag.