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Good Way and Wirepas join forces to promote global large-scale location-based applications.

Good Way and Wirepas join forces to promote global large-scale location-based applications.

Good Way launches its ultra-low powered indoor positioning solutions today, enabling efficient and cost-effective tracking of people, assets and tools on a massive scale. This is a joint cooperation with Wirepas riding on their wireless connectivity Mesh technology.

Good Way’s Smart Indoor Positioning Solution offers a centralized management portal with visualized charts, sensor-driven data notification and comprehensive event logs for real-time and historic information. Battery-powered sensor devices integrated with Wirepas Mesh technology allows the creation and maintenance of a reliable wireless network for meter-accurate zonal grade location tracking services. The combined solution from Good Way and Wirepas allows real-time services for geo-fencing, asset locating, environment & condition monitoring and notification.

This is the perfect solution for corporate digital transformation, smart building, smart factory, industrial automation and smart health care as customization is available with API connectivity. Various solution packages for Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-premise, Total Solution and Licensing are available. For current Wirepas partners, Good Way provides V4 and V5 hardware devices with various form factors.

According to John Peng, VP of Good Way, “Wirepas Mesh technology resolves the intense demands for lower power, indoor positioning, bi-directional communication and massive deployment.  By adapting the Wirepas framework, we provide web APIs to help solution providers bridge their existing systems seamlessly to the Wirepas world. We support tailed-made software and hardware, and different production sites to avoid trade embargos.  Starter Kits in SaaS version for evaluation are readily available.  

“Good Way has demonstrated how Wirepas technology can be used to create a world-class positioning solution for a variety of use cases. Their solution and ODM capabilities will help industries today to adopt massive IoT solutions in the 2.4 GHz band. We are also working together for a future non-cellular 5G solution using the 1.9 GHz band. This will bring ultra-reliable massive connectivity deployments cost-efficiently to many demanding industrial applications,” said Vafa Shams, Wirepas head of APAC.

Good Way and Wirepas will conduct a webinar on 13th May for Smart Indoor Positioning solution by using Wirepas technology.  Through this upcoming online seminar, Good Way will depict the features and characters of Smart Indoor Positioning, and what applications and practices can be implied.


Good Way Company Background

Good Way Technology Co., Ltd (TPEX: 3272.TT) is an ODM leader specialized in Computing & Mobile Peripherals as well as Smart Iot Applications. We ride on the peak of technology and support our brand customers with state-of-the-art innovations.
Good Way is a long-term strategic partner of tier one IC and Software companies, allowing us to lead the market with integrated high-speed Thunderbolt™ and USB laptop docking station solutions. Our customers include well-known PC Brands, top Retail Brands and Distributor Brands.
On the Smart IoT side, Good Way provides customized smart workspace applications to enterprises who require easy massive deployments and big data analytics. Our software and hardware solutions integrate security, stability, scalability, and remote manageability via private, public, hybrid or on-premise clouds. 
Good Way conducts business in all B2B, B2C and B2G segments and is selected by our partners for quality, service, speed, cost and innovation.
Wirepas Company Background

Wirepas is a leading IoT connectivity company focused on massive scale, low power IoT networks. Together with its ecosystem it boosts efficiency through asset tracking, smart logistics, smart lighting and diverse smart meters. Wirepas Mesh, a unique IoT connectivity software, is the only technology that allows an unlimited number of devices, even battery-powered, to create a network. This mesh network can be sparse or extremely dense, with up to a thousand devices in a cubic meter. Wirepas serves customers across the world with offices in Australia, Germany, Finland, France, India, South Korea and the United States.
Contact in Good Way
Eunice Chuang
Sales Director
Contact in Wirepas
Mia Karlsson
SVP, Marketing and Communications