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Driver Download

Software & Driver Download

Product OS File
DBD1200 Thunderbolt 4 Gatkex Creek Windows Firmware (16.3 MB)
Thunderbolt™ 3 Tapex Creek CCG5 version Windows Firmware (5 MB)
DBD1210 Thunderbolt 4 Gatkex Creek with TMU Out Windows Firmware (14.7 MB)
Model OS File
DUD2260 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD2070 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD16A0 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD15X0 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DUD15Y0 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DUD33Y1 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD1231 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD1230 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD1340 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD1330 Windows / MacOS Driver (68.6MB)
DUD1571 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DUD1570 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DU31262 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU31260 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU31180 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU3700 Windows Driver (133MB)
DU3800 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU3900 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU3B00 Windows Driver (23MB)
DU3500 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU3223 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DU3222 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DU3200 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
DU3032 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DU3033 Windows / MacOS Driver (133MB)
DU3000 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
Model OS File
AN31080 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN31060 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN31030 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3920 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3910 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3900 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3890 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3860 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN38A0 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN38B0 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN38C0 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3810 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3820 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3200 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3410 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3420 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3440 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3450 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3010 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3900 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3910 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN3920 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN2450 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN2460 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN2480 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
AN2820 Windows Driver (51.6MB)
Model OS File Size
AEB1000 Windows Driver (1.39MB)
AE4000 Windows / MacOS Driver (20.6MB)
AE3100 / AE3101 Windows / MacOS Driver (20.6MB)
AE3102 Windows / MacOS Driver (20.6MB)
AE3302 Windows / MacOS Driver (20.6MB)
AE2201 Windows / MacOS Driver (12.2MB)
AE2220 Windows / MacOS Driver (12.2MB)
AE2230 / AE2240 / AE2250 Windows / MacOS Driver (12.2MB)
AE2233 Windows / MacOS Driver (12.2MB)



Model Version OS File Size
HE3130 V2.1 Win10 / MAC Driver (12.3MB)
HE3230 V1.2 Win10 / MAC Driver (12.3MB)
HU3141 / HU3140 VL810/VL811 XP/Vista/7 Firmware(712K)
HE2440 V1.1 Win10 / MAC Driver (4.12MB)
HE2230 V2.1 Win10 / MAC Driver (12.8MB)


USB DataTrans

Model Version OS File Size
AN2230R2 V1.2 XP/Vista/7 Driver (3.3MB)
Windows Easy Transfer Driver (17.9MB)


USB Audio

Model Version OS File Size
AA1500 / AA1504 V2.0 2000/XP/Vista Driver ( 17.2MB)
AA1570 V3.0 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 Driver (44MB)


USB Share Switch

Model Version OS File Size
SS2320/SS2340/SS23A0 V2.0 2000/XP/Vista Driver (2.9MB)
V1.21 98SE/ME/2000/XP Diver (119K)
V1.21 98SE/ME/2000/XP Diver (119K)


USB Cable Adapter

Model Version OS File Size
AP1100 / AP1103 V1.4 7/8/8.1/10; MAC Driver ( 4.9MB)
AP1305 / AP1325 V1.1 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista Driver ( 178KB)
AS1200 V1.0 98SE Driver ( 98KB)


PCI Host Card

Model Version OS File Size
PU3010 V1.0 XP/Vista/7 Driver (5.4MB)
PU3020 V1.1 XP/Vista/7 Driver (15.6MB)
PU3025 V1.2 XP/Vista/7/8 Driver (11.2MB)
PU3040 V1.2 7/8/8.1;MAC Driver (66.6MB)



Model Version OS File Size
BE7010 V1.0 98SE/ME/2000/XP ; MAC Driver ( 2.4MB)
BU2220 ( UB502 ) V1.0 98SE/ME/2000/XP ; MAC Driver ( 986KB)


Cloud Client

Model Version OS File
ZC2610 V1.0 XP/Vista/7 Driver (12.5MB)
ZC2600 V2.0 2000/XP/Vista/7 Driver (12.1MB)