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Submitted by endlin on 8 November 2022



Chairman’s Office

1. Responsible for monitoring the execution of business objectives and performance analysis.
2. Management of subsidiaries.

General Management

1.Developing effective human resource policy, employee salary and rewards and implementing employee learning and development plans.
2.Asset management.
3.Administrative affairs.
4.Document management and distribution.

Finance Division

1.Provide information regarding finance performance, operational analysis and improvement plan.
2.Provide financial decision-making assessments such as long-term investment and financing.
3.Models for credit risk control and financial crisis prediction to reduce corporate risks.
4.Establishment of budget preparation and control mechanism.
5.Tax planning and compliance.
6.Handle the affairs of the board of directors, audit committee, remuneration committee and shareholders' meetings.
7.Corporate governance evaluation work.

MIS Division

1.General computer and equipment management and implementation of IT policy.
2.Designing computer information system, operation process informatization planning and implementation

R&D Division

1.Responsible for company’s R&D, setting product specification and design/develop firmware and hardwares.
2.Responsible for the company's product design, integration and technical support services, new product compatibility verification and functional testing.
3.Update Firmware / Driver certification and operating platform certification
4.EMC testing, accreditation and product safety certification
5.Reviewing product design quality and following up issues; Technology transfer from R&D stage to production

Logistic Management Division

1.Planning and management of materials, receiving finished products and shipping operations in each factory.
2.Overseeing global shipment and logistics.
3.Inventory management and audit.
4.Negotiate the purchase quantity, price and delivery date of bulk materials.
5.Responsible for the sourcing business and adjusting the procurement strategy in line with the market trend.
6.HUB warehouse layout planning and management.
7.Overseeing logistic efficiency and cost-benefit control.

Mechanical Design Division

1.Responsible for mechanic R&D affairs and formulating specs.
2.Responsible for thermal inspection and proposing optimisation plans.
3. Responsible for creating models.
4.Reviewing product design; following up on issues and analysis.
5.Work with factories to ensure a smooth manufacturing procedure.

Product Marketing Division

1.Planning marketing strategies  
2.Product promotion and planning
3.Target markets analysis  
4.Business development and customer relationship management
5. Develop product specification   
6.Project management

Sales Division

1. Responsible for client relationship building,  clients’ credit checking, product quotation, order/payment management and other affairs
2. Managing client data and customer-related services
3. Formulating and conducting sales plans
4. Researching about target markets and sales intelligence for products
5. Responding to client needs as a future reference of product development

Smart IOT Business Unit

1. Gather product market information and product planning
2. Propose and execute marketing strategies
3. Plan and execute product selling      
4. New clients development and relationship maintenance / Management of sales channels and orders
5. Pre-sale tech support and after-sale maintenance    
6. Develop IOT-related technology and R&D innovation

Taipei Factory

1. Process quality control, anomaly, defective product handling and equipment maintenance
2. Categorising and tagging accepted goods and defective goods; conducting processing of defective items
3.Handling manufacturing issues, optimising product procedures and standardising production line operation
4.Responsible for production progress planning, manufacturing, selling, delivery date scheduling, outsourcing management, maintenance arrangement.
5.Handling material feeding, material requisition, product delivery, inventory management, scrap product processing
6. Inspection of material feeding, manufacturing process and product quality control
7. Assessing unqualified products, handling of abnormal quality and handling of customer complaints.


1. Evaluation and report on the implementation of the internal control system and management regulations.
2. Drafting and execution of audit work progress.

Main matters in charge


Main experience (education)


Robert Tsao


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Morris Liu

Sales VP, Golden Bridge Electech Inc.


Smith Fan

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Cheng Shiu University
MFG GM, Good Way Technology Co., Ltd.

General Management Division

Bill Chen

Aalto University EMBA
Administrative Director, HannStar Display Corporation

Smart IoT Business Unit (SIoT)

Jason Ho

Sr.PM, Belkin International, Inc.

MIS Division

Weaver Chan

B.S. in Information Management, National Central University
Manager, The British crown Tatsu (Fujian) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Marketing Division

Jackson Ko

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
PM Director, 3D Technologies, Co., Ltd.

Logistic Management Division

Eric Wu

Project assistant manager, Twinhead International Corp.

Mechanical Design Division

Tom Chen

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, National United University
Technology Director, Compal Electronics, Inc.

R&D Division

Fidel Wang

M.S. in Automation Technology, National Taipei University of Technology
Director, Compal Electronics, Inc.

Software RD Division

Kyle Wang

University of Denver Computer Science
O2Micro Electronics, Inc.  RD Director

Finance Division

Gen Shueh

National Cheng Kung University MBA
Good Way Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President