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Submitted by endlin on 9 November 2022

The remuneration Committee of the Company was established on 2019.10.26.

This Committee shall consist of all the independent directors, three of whom shall be appointed by resolution of the Board of Directors, one of whom shall be the convenor.The term of office of the members of this Committee shall be the same as that of the appointed board of Directors; If there are less than three people who are discharged for some reason, the board of directors shall hold a replacement appointment within three months from the date of occurrence;However, if an independent director is removed and there are no other independent directors, prior to the by-election of independent directors as prescribed by the Company, a person who is not qualified as an independent director may be appointed to the Remuneration Committee and appointed after the by-election of independent directors.

The term of office of the remuneration Committee is from 2021.08.04 to 2024.08.03




Date of appointment

Major education/ experience

independent director LI CHUAN-DE M


NYCU master Degree
Aplex Technology chairman
AAEON Technology Inc. VP
independent director HUANG MEI-LING F


Fo Guang university Department of Communication master degree
Consultant and lecturer of the Labour Council
independent director LIOU,JHU M


Syracuse USA PHD
Hong Kong Technology Centre President
Hong Kong Stock Exchange GEM listing Review member

The main points of the annual work of the Remuneration Committee are as follows:

  • Review this regulation regularly and put forward revision suggestions.
  • Formulate and regularly review the performance evaluation standards of directors and managers, annual and long-term performance targets, and the policies, systems, standards and structures of remuneration, and disclose the content of performance evaluation standards in the annual report.
  • Regularly evaluate the achievement of the performance objectives of the directors and managers of the company, and determine the content and amount of their individual remuneration according to the evaluation results obtained from the performance evaluation standards. The annual report shall disclose the results of individual performance evaluations of directors and managers, as well as the correlation and rationality of the content and amount of individual remuneration with the results of performance evaluations, and shall be reported to the shareholders' meeting.
  • To assess the remuneration of directors and managers by taking into account the normal level of the peer group and the reasonableness of their individual performance, business performance and future risks.

For information on the convening of the Committee and the attendance rate of each member, please refer to the Company's Annual reports or the Open Information Observatory.