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New Taipei City

Delivery of Love on Chinese New Year~ Caring for the Elderlies Who Live Alone

Good Way employees participated in the Caring for the Elderlies who live alone before Chinese New Year, assisting Hua-Sha Charity Foundation to distribute food and goods to 24 households in Wulai. The volunteering employees chatted with the elderlies and stick spring couplets onto the walls for good fortune. Good Way wishes to call out more people to care for their senior family members, hoping more people provide attention and kindness for the elders.

Good Way also hosted a Charitable Sale of Chinese New Year frozen foods on February 9, 2018. A total of amount of raised fund, $24000, was donated to Hua-Shan Charitable Foundation. The fund will be used to help the elders who live alone.

Hua-Shan Charitable Foundation Sindian Station serves 70 elders. They have been putting lots of effort for a long time; however, they still lack the budget to continue the service. Their service starts with a little wish of wanting the elders to not go hungry, to have a clean living environment, to live with dignity, to no longer live in a forgotten corner in the society.