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New Taipei City

Congratulations to Good Way for receiving WLBA from Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labor hosted the Award Ceremony of WLBA (Work-Life Balance Award) 2018 on October 29. Minister Shu personally gave the award to the enterprises which have been working towards keeping their employees balanced in work and life. The CEO’s of the awarded enterprises shared their tips for creating a healthy atmosphere at workplace to encourage the other attendees for further interaction and promotion.

WLBA awarded enterprises of which are constantly supporting employees at workplace as well as at home caring and life balance. This year, 32 enterprises received this award. Good Way has been promoting and executing activities and incentives to keep our employees balanced in life and work, such as Birthday Day-off, Volunteer Day-off, EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and healthy workplace program. Good Way is awarded for the criteria of Work Flexibility and Employee Support.