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Excellent Healthy Workplace Award

Sports Administration Ministry of Education awarded Good Way for her dedication to encourage its employees to exercise and promote the development of sport events. On the 16th of October, Good Way was invited to attend the Enterprise iSport Award Ceremony and Forum to receive the Taiwan iSport Award. A total number of enterprises have been awarded with this honor, such as Foxccon (Hon Hai), Asus, Transcend, China Steel, Chunghwa Telecom, Fubon, and CTBC Bank.


Creating the atmosphere of exercise and sports, caring the employees and practice corporate social responsibilities.

Good Way believes that the origin of an enterprise is people. Many employees have walked with path of 33 years with Good Way. They are the most important asset of Good Way. For the health and development of its employees, C.E.O. Robert Tsao constantly promotes the concepts of healthy eating and exercising. These concepts would be promoted and reminded constantly during the monthly meetings. Moreover, Good Way also provides healthy veggie lunch to the employees every Wednesday. This year, Good Way Healthy Year has also started with a series of activities. Through analysis of annual health exam reports and surveys, the CSR team held several health-promoting events, such as physical fitness exam, seminars with health-related topics, as well as walking contest and forming exercise clubs. Good Way's employees start with knowing their bodies, increasing their sport and health-related knowledge and develop constant habit of exercising.


Exercising helps release stress and lower turnover rate

Good Way established clubs such as Badminton Club, Aerobics & Dance Club, Yoga Club, Cycling & Jogging Club and Body Combat Club according to the needs of the employees.The company provides space and snacks for the participants. On the weekdays, GW employees can conveniently exercise in the company. On the weekends, they can participate in cycling or marathon events hosted by the company. The top-ranked managers also participate in the events. Currently, the participation percentage of the activities is 30%. According to the survey executed previously, 80% of the employees has started exercising on their own.
Participating sports-related clubs and competitions reduce work stress. Employees who rarely interact at work might have a chance to interact more in these events. Employees get to know each other more and create bonding. The bonding between employees and the company is also tightened. With group support both at work or in private, the turnover rate decreased 13%. Employees become healthier and their brains clearer, which results in enhancing work efficiency. The annual sales performance reached double digits.


Promoting Spiritual and mental exercises 
Supporting Little Sportmen

Gratefulness is the best feedback. Good Way carefully selects charitable volunteer activities for its employees to participate. The company provides paid volunteer-leave to encourage the employees to sign up. Through the actual action, and personal interaction, Good Way hopes the employees could feel the warm and give back the society with a grateful heart. Volunteering is the best spiritual and mental activity. 
With the participation of Aaeon Foundation’s “Light Up Dreams of Art” Project, Good Way learned that schools not only lack resources for art, but also lack the funds for the students to participate in competitions abroad in order to complete their dreams. In 2016, Good Way Charitable and Educational Trust Fund sponsored Xizhou Elementary School in Chuahua to join the Aisa Dodge Ball Competition in Hong Kong, hoping the little sportsmen will shine brightly in the international stage. 
Good Way aims to become a warm and happy company with healthy work environment and caring atmosphere. With participation and constant actions, we hope to create a loving and healthy sports enterprise!