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InfoComm 2024- Good Way ventures into InfoComm, demonstrating strength in cutting-edge conferencing and ProAV solutions




News Release
InfoComm 2024

Taipei (InfoComm 2024) –Good Way, known for its mature and stable docking solutions, has actively expanded into the business conferencing and high-end audio-visual content production markets in recent years. Committed to providing high-quality solutions for the ProAV industry, the company made its debut this year at InfoComm, North America's largest and most influential ProAV equipment and technology exhibition. Good Way successfully showcased a new generation of solutions that excel in cost, transmission speed, image quality, and user-friendliness. Their standout exhibits, featuring advantages in both technology and user experience, attracted numerous professional buyers and experts from North America and around the world.

In recent years, Good Way has actively targeted the conferencing application market. This year at InfoComm, Good Way showcased two conferencing docking solutions utilizing HDBaseT technology: the HUV6600 and HUV6601. These solutions connect to one or two laptops on the host side and to external monitors on the device side, with the ability to expand to 2 or 4 monitors via adapters. Audio and video signals are transmitted between the host and device using a CAT6 cable. The HUV6600 model also supports power transmission through the CAT6 cable over distances up to 100 meters, reducing cable costs and interference, making it a cost-effective and high-quality solution for conferencing audio-visual transmission.

The post-pandemic rise of hybrid work has increased the importance of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) due to the flexibility of work environments. North America has always been a key market for BYOD, with a high proportion of employees bringing their own devices to work and the overall market for BYOD-related equipment growing annually. At this year's InfoComm, Good Way showcased the DUK6850 USB-C KVM dock, which can switch between two laptops. With two built-in upstream ports, it offers screen sharing, charging, data sharing, and peripheral sharing functions for the connected laptops. It also features a quick one-button switching mode for fast sharing, making it ideal for office collaboration needs and a perfect tool for the BYOD trend.

For the high-end audio-visual content creation and streaming market, Good Way has introduced two new docking solutions. The first is the DUD8410 console dock, a pioneering design featuring a built-in screen, physical hotkeys, and a physical knob. The screen displays various settings for users to choose from, and the four built-in hotkeys can be customized for greater flexibility. The knob design allows for precise and convenient adjustments in volume control, video fast-forward/rewind, and other fine-tuning needs, offering a more refined and user-friendly interface.

In response to the ongoing AI trend this year, Good Way has been deeply involved in this area and showcased the world's first AI-integrated Thunderbolt 5 dock, the DBF7056, at InfoComm. This dock provides up to 26 TOPS of computing power for regular laptops and can utilize the laptop's camera for rapid multi-person facial and object recognition, significantly enhancing the laptop's computing performance. Additionally, the DBF7056 employs Thunderbolt 5 technology to support high-speed transmission and up to 140W PD charging, and it can connect to up to three 4K resolution monitors. This provides a seamless solution for audio-visual creation and streaming in the AI era.

Good Way indicated that the company is dedicated to integrating new technologies through innovative thinking into product planning and development, and is actively exploring new application potentials based on Good Way’s accumulated technical expertise. At this year's InfoComm exhibition, Good Way received highly satisfactory feedback across aspects such as product features, visitor response, and customer development. Moving forward, Good Way plans to advance related collaboration projects and continue introducing innovative solutions that align with technology trends and user needs. With confidence, Good Way aims to capture more business opportunities in the North American region.

Hub Switch Extender for Conferencing Application

The HUV6600, adopting HDBaseT USB3.0 technology, is a complete conferencing solution, ensuring fast and high-quality transmission of USB-native content with a single CATx cable up to 100 meters. The HUV6600 features two devices: the HUV6620 at the host side and HUV6610 at the device side. The HUV6620 allows for dual laptops connectivity at its UFP USB-C ports, providing a fast switch between two laptops and enhancing presentation convenience. In addition, the HUV6610’s four built-in USB-A 5G ports enable the connection of more devices, including USB cameras, USB video adapters, and dock, for applications such as video conferencing or multiple display content extension. With the outstanding advantages of HDBaseT, the HUV6600 is a perfect conferencing solution that combines cost-effectiveness and performance for versatile applications.

Hub Extender for Conferencing Application

The HUV6601 employs HDBaseT USB 3.0 technology, providing a comprehensive conferencing solution with two devices: the HUV6701 at the host side and the HUV6801 at the device side. The HUV6701 connects to a laptop via its UFP USB-C port and uses a CATx cable, up to 100 meters long, to transmit high-quality audio and video data rapidly to the HUV6801. Additionally, it supports 100W fast charging for the laptop. The HUV6801 can connect to a 4K monitor. Leveraging the advantages of HDBaseT technology, the HUV6601 offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for conferencing applications.

The Docking Station with Four Sharing Modes for Conferencing Application

The DUK6850 serves as a convenient conferencing dock, enabling two laptops to share displays, power, data, and devices, significantly enhances conferencing efficiency and quality. When connected, it allows one of both laptops to extend content to two 4K60Hz displays, or project each content to individual display at the same time. Simultaneously, the DUK6850 delivers PD65W to both laptops, ensuring efficient charging. It also facilitates seamless file transfer and shared keyboard and mouse functionality between the laptops, providing enhanced flexibility. Other USB devices, such as flash drives, cameras, or speakerphones, can be shared through the dock. With four powerful share modes, the DUK6850 comprehensively meets conferencing and collaborative needs, enhancing overall productivity and performance.

The Revolutionary Dock with Physical Interface Design

The DUD8410 is a unique dock equipped with a built-in screen, physical hotkeys, and a physical knob. The screen displays various settings for users to choose from, and users can define the four built-in hotkeys for greater flexibility. The knob design provides a more refined and convenient interface for volume control, video fast-forward/rewind, and other fine-tuning needs. It is especially suitable for applications such as streaming, video editing, and multimedia creation.

The World’s First ThunderboltTM 5 AI Dock

The DBF7056 is the world's first docking station that combines Thunderbolt 5 connectivity with AI capabilities. In addition to providing up to 26TOPS of computing power for connected laptops, it can expand content to three 4K120 resolution displays through its Thunderbolt 5 ports, while also supporting 140W fast charging for laptops. Furthermore, it features a full array of downstream ports including USB-A, USB-C, SD card reader, RJ45, and headphone jack, offering the best solution for the AI era with both performance and cost efficiency.