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Environmental Protection

Green and Environmental Protection

Good Way has passed EU environmental protection and energy conservation regulations with ISO14001 environmental management system. Our environmental protection management implemented by “five environmental protection projects”: e-commerce, carbon footprint green marketing, logistics, energy network, and bidding logistics network makes all products move towards the goal of energy saving, carbon reduction, and green enterprise.

Product Development to Environmental Protection

Since products can have a significant impact to the environment during their life cycle from raw material procurement and manufacturing to disposal, Good Way always focuses on user demands and experiences, functionalities, and additional values at product design but consider to reduce environmental loads at the beginning of product design to contribute the environmental protection to the earth. The green concepts of product design in Good Way are covering 3 directions: raw material selection, energy conservation, and easy for recycling and dismantling; in addition to conduct environmental-friendly product design to meet customer’s demands and stakeholders, and to comply international environmental protection trends to achieve the best eco-effectiveness.

Preventive Policy

Good Way pre-excludes the material and substances that are known and harmed to human body and environment at product design stage and, in addition, prohibits any non-safe proof by science or regulations material and substances that possibly harm human body or cause threats to environment in product design or production.

Alternative Substance Principle to Hazardous Substance

Good Way team always and carefully assesses vendor’s testing reports, material substance declarations, non-hazardous substance guarantee to ensure alternative substance that is non-hazarous or less hazardous than the prohibited substances to approve to use in our products.

Reduction to Amount Material Application

Good Way are constantly studying and researching to reduce the amount of material application in production as well as are surveying low-toxic and sustainable material to achieve the goal of reducing material.