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Product Development

Good Way Technology, Founded in 1983 and started from cable manufacturing, with our concentration on USB technology for docking station design and development, becomes a famous USB peripheral company and a global leading professional design and manufacturer of USB and wireless docking station and adapter.

Good Way every year invests lots of resource to recruit brilliant and excellent high-tech talents and engineers to build our technical research-and-development center for designing and developing high-tech products. Besides USB peripheral products, Good Way has developed high-definition HDMI/DP and 3D TV peripheral products, wireless products (WI-FI & UWB), DLNA wireless audio products, and Bluetooth wireless receivers (Bluetooth Dongle) in the field of consumer electronics and wireless communications. In recent years, Good Way with increased achievements in R&D and technology has actively designed and developed new high-speed interface technologies and products, including automate digital-home, cloud computing, tablet and smartphone related peripheral product.

In 2009, Good Way stepped into eHome by the intelligent device of home-energy management. Adopting Z-Ware wireless technology, Good Way focuses on the key layouts in three major applications of intelligent home security, intelligent energy saving, and intelligent house care. With increasing demands in the market, smart home system is becoming the potential start product of Good Way.

USB3.1 gradually drove a new era, and high speed interface, especially Thunderbolt interface with outstanding speed, became the significantly important trend to PC development after 2015 as well as brewed new business to USB peripherals. Good Way had successfully completed and launched the world first Thunderbolt Light Ridge docking station in 2013, and grasped the key technology at the development and the market opportunity. In 2015, Good Way was certified by Apple and stepped into Apple’s supply chain. With innovated USB-C docking station, Good Way demonstrated R&D strength and lead technology over the industry of PC peripherals.

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Good Way Technology not only has the excellence of outstanding R&D strength and advantages that can reflect market demands in real time but invests huge system tools in product development such as Allegro layout and Pro/E software, PLM product lifecycle management system, etc. to enhance and reinforce the efficiency and accuracy of the hardware equipment and application software over the research and development. To upgrade the strength of product lines and R&D technology, our rigorous project management and executions achieves effective risk managements and controls.

During the product proposal and planning, Good Way always consider the intellectual property and patterns with adequate and frequent consulting and reviewing by the legal affair over creative ideas and innovative thinking. Good Way hosts many internal learning course, case study, and technology seminar to new technology, design and certificate standard, technical difficulty, and intellectual patterns to advance the strength of R&D and enrich professional development experiences. With outstanding and excellent R&D team and non-stopped innovate product research and development over integration of all types of interfaces and data processing, Good Way offers our clients with satisfied docking, adapter, and hub solutions and provides our professional service and knowledge over docking solutions.

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