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Program Planning

Project Management and Servicing

Good Way Technology is the top international ODM manufacture with innovate thinking and technical capabilities. Our flexibility and experience can drive us to quickly enter customer’s existing chain to fast provide any required service.

Besides our headquarters in Taiwan, Good Way aggressively builds the global operation systems and actively expands operation sites in Asia and North America to provide global clients with fast and flexible service. Good Way has a solid and complete technical team in R&D that accumulates rich experiences to satisfy and meet all tasks and goals from our customers. Through a good cooperative relationship and trust foundation with customers, each other has repeatedly created innovative and differentiated products leading markets and creating a win-win opportunity for both parties, so that customers can focus on future market planning and strategic layout. Good Way attaches great importance to every link of product design and R&D; whether in design, R&D, manufacturing and service, Good Way provides customers with more choices and business opportunities with innovative planning. At present, our goal of vigorously developed products is to meet the trend of modern technology to follow the international trend in the market.

Our design team comprehensively plans and manages all processes and affairs in manufacturing and production from product concepts, industrial and mechanical designs, prototyping to the introduction of new products. Through the introduction of the internationally renowned Oracle Agile PLM, the management transparency of R&D projects and the efficiency of R&D departments can be greatly and rapidly improved; meanwhile, the process of R&D can be strictly controlled to ensure and keep the R&D quality.

The systematic part number management makes no repeating part numbers in development for conveniences to RD’s query and centralizes all bill of material (BOM), product specification, material number, and certified documents, and DCC documents into the computer management for references to queries at any time; moreover, it synchronously integrates ERP information of SAP to fast response customer’s demand and market changes to achieve and meet the trend of “Time to Market and Time to Volume” in the competitive global market.

Good Way team with complete system integration capabilities can instantly and fast response and react customer’s demand as well as synchronously provides complete project services to customers in various market.