Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 Full Dock

The DBD1105 Full Dock is an impressive and lightweight docking station that fully supports Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and can simultaneously charge your laptop with up to 90W power delivery. It features complete Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 downstream ports, allowing you to connect not only Thunderbolt and USB-C devices at up to 40Gbps data transfer speed but also dual monitors with 4K60Hz resolution or a single 8K30Hz monitor, greatly enhancing productivity. With four legacy USB-A ports, it simplifies device connectivity and improves cable management. Additionally, the built-in SD card reader, Ethernet RJ45 connector, and audio jack add flexibility and convenience to your work setup. The DBD1105 offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your daily work routine and any project.


Thunderbolt 4, compatible with USB4 and boasting 40Gbps data speed, delivers rapid charging, fast data transfer, and excellent video display

The Thunderbolt upstream supplies 90W of laptop power without an extra adapter

The Thunderbolt downstream support dual 4K60Hz or single 8K30Hz resolution

Conveniently connect USB devices with four legacy USB-A ports

Built-in SD card reader and 1Gbe Ethernet enhance flexibility

Lightweight casting design enhances mobility

I/O Port Details



TBT4/USB4 Upstream:


TBT4/USB4 Downstream:


USB Downstream:

3× USB-A 3.1 10G
1× USB-A 2.0

Max Resolution:

1× 8K30
2× 4K60

SD Card Reader:

1× SD4.0


1× RJ45 (1GbE)


1× 3.5mm TRRS



Power Supply:

DC 135W

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