Thunderbolt™ 4 Power Charging Dock

DBD1700 Thunderbolt 4 power charging dock equips 120W power supply inside to eliminate a heavy power brick hassle and Thunderbolt uplink port of DBD1700 delivers 96W power delivery straight into the notebook so you can simply plug the power cable to the dock without needing a bulky power adapter. With Thunderbolt technology, you can simply plug Thunderbolt 4 ports to view more detail and extend the notebook display to external monitors up to single 8K30 or dual 4K60 displays as well as to connect external storage and accessory to use. DBD1700 utilizes USB-C connector to provide multi-connectivity solution at Thunderbolt uplink port to connect Windows PC, USB-C Mac, iPad, and Chromebook and its USB-C connectors of all Thunderbolt ports also provide multi-connectivity over devices across Thunderbolt 4 and 3 and USB 4 and 3 to provide the universal connectivity that has simple and easy connection over USB-C accessory and device.


Easy to use by simply plugging the power cable of the dock to a standard outlet

Built-In 120W power supply eliminating a heavy power brick

Charging a laptop or tablet by 96W power delivery Thunderbolt uplink port

Extending the notebook’s display up to a single 8K30 display or dual 4K60 displays

Connecting external storage, multiple displays, and accessories by (3) Thunderbolt4 ports, (4) USB-A ports

Working to all Thunderbolt and USB-C devices with 40Gbps fast data speed in file transferring

Fast accessing network by 1GbE Ethernet

I/O Port Details



TBT4/USB4 Upstream:


TBT4/USB4 Downstream:


USB Downstream:

3x USB-A 10G
1x USB-A 10G with BC 1.2 DCP and Apple Charge 2.1A

Max Resolution:

1x 8K30
2x 4K60



Powered Supply:

DC 120W

Working Environment:

Operation Temperature: 0~35 degree
Storage Temperature: -20~70 degree

Dimension (L x W x H):

188.2 x 86 x 29.3 mm

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