USB-C Continuum Dock

The Continuum function on Windows 10 Smart Phone turns your phone into a desktop computer. Not only you can use your phone to answer the phone calls, connect to the social network, and use other communication functions, you can also operate Microsoft Office Programs, like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook.
The USB-C Continuum Dock / USB-C Continuum Dock SE supports Windows 10 Continuum function. The products satisfy user’s expansion requirement such as USB and video function. The portable USB-C Dock supports Win10 Continuum for phone, with small form factor and exquisite design. Simply connect your phone with the dock, and make presentation outside the office, or manage the files at home while answering the phone call. With this dock, you can create your own Mobile Office.
The product is also compatible with all USB-C full-feature enabled laptop PC or Tablet PC.
*Incorporates HDMI® technology


Supports Wired connection for Windows® 10 Continuum

VESA DisplayPort Alternate Mode Standard support

Light and handy; small form factor and exquisite design

USB Port:USB 2.0 Type-A x2(for keyboard / mouse) & USB 3.0 Type-A x1

Video Out:HDMI output up to 1080p x1

LAN:(DUD1330 only) & RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet x1

Supports Bus-Powered and Self-Powered:Max. 1.5A upstream charging for phone when connecting with power adapter

Plug and play (No driver needed)

I/O Port Details


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