USB-C DP1.4 MST Triple Video Docking Station

The DUD2170 showcases outstanding performance through its robust screen expansion and seamless connectivity, enhancing productivity both in the office and at home. It has the capability to extend content across three monitors at a stunning 4K resolution using legacy DP and HDMI ports, significantly improving efficiency. Additionally, it incorporates PD charging technology, offering fast charging of up to 96W for laptops via the integrated USB-C interface. With four USB-A ports and USB-C ports on the DUD2170, connecting various peripherals to complete complex tasks is quick and convenient. The built-in Ethernet RJ45 connector and audio jack provide greater flexibility for a wide range of applications. The DUD2170 serves as a dependable and stylish docking solution, streamlining work and cable management, and meeting the rigorous demands of the job.


Three legacy DP/HDMI ports extend displays to 4K resolution on three screens

4 MST technology ensures seamless content expansion on external monitors from your laptop

USB-C UFP delivers 96W laptop power without a separate DC adapter

Two USB-C DFP ports provide rapid 10G charging for peripherals

Robust extension and fast data transmission with two USB-A 2.0, two USB-A 10G ports and two USB-C 10G port

A stylish design enhances your workspace atmosphere

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