USB-C Triple 4K Display Docking Station

DUD3501 is a universal docking station for laptop with triple 4k displays that extends your productivity across up to three screens. Docking station has legacy display ports in HDMI2.0 or DP1.2 that have maximum resolution up to 3 x 4K60 display for various applications of information surveying, video conferencing & presentation, programming, media creativity, CAD drawing, engineering. USB-C uplink connecting the laptop supports PD96W to charge laptop as well as PD20W at USB-C downlink for USB accessory and to charge a smart phone. SD4.0 card reader provides a simple and convenient interface to access SD storage without needing additional SD card reader. Horizontal layout is easy for the cable management and the dock placement over the desktop.


Triple displays – legacy 3x DP1.2/HDMI2.0 with maximum up to 3 x 4K60 resolution to external screens

96W Charging – charge your laptop with 96W (maximum 100W) directly by USB-C uplink so no needing DC adapter to power up your laptop

20W Accessory Charging – charge your smart phone, tablet, or power bank with 20W power directly by USB-C downlink

Compatibility – docking station compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS for your Windows, MacBook, Chromebook laptops

More Extension - 1x USB-C 10G ports and 4x USB-A 5G ports for your USB accessory connection

External Storage Access – SD card 4.0 reader to access your SD card for more and fast storage

I/O Port Details






USB-C Triple 4K Display Docking Station

Total Ports:


Maximum Display:

3x Display

Maximum Resolution:

3x 4K60

Legacy Display Port:

3x DP1.2 / HDMI2.0

USB-C Upstream:

1x USB 10G

USB-C Downstream:

1x USB-C 10G, 4x USB-A 5G

SD Card Reader:

1x SD4.0

Audio Jack:

1x 3.5mm TRS Headphone, 1x 3.5mm TRS Microphone


PD96W (USB-C uplink), PD20W (USB-C downlink)

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