USB-C 11 In 1 Dual 4K HDMI Universal Mini Dock

DUD7205: The Dual 4K HDMI Display Universal Mini Dock- Perfect for Travel and Work. DUD7205 is a small, compact, and easy-to-carry USB-C dual display universal dock that's perfect for travel and work. It features dual HDMI ports with resolutions up to 2x4K60, so you can extend your laptop screen to two external monitors and boost your productivity. DUD7205 also includes a up to PD85W passthrough port that can charge your laptop while you're working, as well as dual USB-C downlink ports and four USB-A ports that can charge your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. There's also an audio combo port for video conferencing or listening to music, and a 1GbpE RJ45 port for reliable network access.


Legacy dual display supported in resolution up to 2x4K60 as specified in HDMI2.0 to extend PC’s screen to 2 external monitors at the same time.

PD passthrough supplies up to PD85W to charge the laptop via 1m USB-C 10G tethered cable

Dual USB-C 10G downlink ports to charge the smart phone, iphone, tablet, and other devices

Quad USB-A 5G downlink ports with to give sufficient power to USB accessories

More Extension - 2x USB-C 10G ports and 4x USB-A 5G ports for your USB accessory connection

An audio combo jack to your headphone for conferencing or listening to music

Stable 1Gbps Ethernet port to access the network

Compatibility – docking station compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS for your Windows, Macbook, Chromebook laptops

VESA mounting design

I/O Port Details


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