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USB-C DP1.4 MST Smart Dock

The DUD8390 redefines smart docking technology with its innovative USB-C DP1.4 MST integration. Leveraging Cloud Management, it offers seamless remote I/O port management and LAN-driven firmware updates, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability. Its intelligent power control features enable scheduled power-off functions, aligning seamlessly with the latest ESG trends and promoting energy efficiency. Beyond intelligence, the DUD8390 is equipped with built-in DP and HDMI video ports, supporting dual display extensions with resolutions of up to 4K60 or triple display extensions with resolutions of up to 4K30, delivering unparalleled visual experience. Moreover, with the capacity to provide up to 96W of laptop charging and an array of connectors for USB, Ethernet, and audio peripherals, the DUD8390 streamlines device management and ensures uninterrupted productivity, catering to the diverse needs of modern enterprises and professionals.



USB-C Universal Dual 4K Smart Dock

The DUD8380 serves as a smart managed dock, adopting USB-C DisplayLink technology. Through Cloud Management, it enables remote I/O port management and firmware update via LAN. Moreover, this intelligent dock features power control, allowing for scheduled power-off functions, thereby ensuring exceptional energy-saving performance in line with the latest ESG trend. Apart from its intelligence, the DUD8380 also stands out as its outstanding connectivity features. It can deliver 96W of laptop charging while supporting up to two display extensions with 4K60 resolution through built-in DP and HDMI video ports. Furthermore, this dock ensures ample connectors for USB, Ethernet, and audio peripherals, significantly enhancing productivity and facilitating USB device management. With its combination of intelligence and convenience, the DUD8380 stands as an ideal docking solution, perfectly suited for both enterprise and personal use.



USB-C Smart Dock

DUD8070 is the first docking station with full remote management capability. It integrates both IoT BLE mesh and Wi-Fi technologies for connectivity reliability and security that can be connected to a corporate network and remotely control the docking station, including installing software updates, remote power on and off, controlling individual ports and monitoring status.

The adoption of IoT technology allows enterprises to paradigm shift from traditional docking stations and empower IT managers to manage devices on a large-scale basis. Real-time status of each docking station over multiple locations can be monitored through a centralized cloud dashboard.

The docking station can be used by the user (like any other docking station) right out of the box, without any installation. Remote management integration can be done at any time, even later (remote management software license and installation is required).