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Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions by region

  • Taiwan Region: In 2022, both the total carbon emissions and carbon intensity (carbon emissions per million dollars of revenue) increased significantly compared to 2021. The main reason for this increase is the inclusion of carbon emissions from the new Taipei factory in 2022. Excluding this portion, the total carbon emissions in the Taiwan region decreased by 2% compared to 2021.
  • China Region: In 2022, carbon emissions from the Kunshan factory decreased significantly by 41.4% in total emissions and 60.5% in intensity compared to 2021. The primary reasons for this decrease include the installation of renewable energy sources such as solar panels and the implementation of other energy-saving measures. In 2022, the Kunshan factory generated 1,025,204 kWh of solar power, significantly reducing the purchased electricity from the China National Grid, thereby reducing the total carbon emissions from electricity (Scope 2) for the year. Greenhouse gas emissions intensity decreased from 0.95 in 2021 to 0.37.